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Marketing Assignment: Business Opportunities & Challenges In China


Based upon the case study (of your choice), develop a report on change control. In the change management assignment report:

  1. Identify changes required for the case study. Critically analyse their impact on scope, time, cost, quality of the project and the techniques used to manage them.
  2. Explain what processes are involved in submitting a request to deal with the changes necessary from your analysis of the case study.
  3. Identify and discuss options to satisfy each change request and any risks associated to the options.
  4. Complete the change request/control form provided or one that is used from a workplace.

The written part of your change control report should consist of 1500 words/student.


Executive Summary
The entire report on change management assignment is dependent upon the myki project case study. Here, in this case, study the organization desired to replace their past Metcard system with a new system of ticketing. It will have different emerging features. Moreover, this system also holds an open-architecture solution. However, the initial part of this report will discuss the changes required in the project basing upon the case scenario. It will additionally explain the necessary processes, which need to be involved in dealing with the identified changes. In the further part of the discussion, it will also describe the specific options for performing these changes and the associated hazards with the options. In addition, in the end, it covers up the steps for change control and completion as well. However, in short, it can be said that this report is based upon the change management documentation of the case scenario of myki project.

This report is based on the case study of myki project, in which the TTA or Transport ticketing authority tends to develop a new system for ticketing by replacing the Metcard system. However, this project is assigned to a vendor and named as myki project; along with that, it was given with an initial budget of $998.9 million. Furthermore, the project is given to operate for 10 years to that vendor. However, later the project budget gets increased and reaches $1.35 billion. However, this system gives value to the commentators' money, along with that it also includes a huge base of operational devices as well. Moreover, for supporting the operation of the system, the system also includes back-office along with related systems too. However, it also includes some emerging features, such as the high quality, efficient operations, user-friendliness, along with the enhanced flexibility as well.

Purpose of the report
The major purpose behind the development of this research report is to identify the specific and significant changes required for the case study, along with their impacts, as well as identify the significant processes that should be incorporated in the project, and several options for the system and their risks.

Identification of the changes and analysis of their impacts

However, there are several changes needed in the myki project, such as this project initially needs to include a better control process regarding the entire cost of the project. Moreover, it has been studied from the case study that the cost of the project has been increased after a certain time of the project continuation. Furthermore, this significant change will enable the TTA to manage the present budget efficiently for later, which will help the Transport Ticketing Authority for meeting the objective of the project without the consumption of unnecessary costs (Mikkelsen & Riis, 2017). Furthermore, effective and efficient time management should be engaged there in this project in order to avoid the delays, which has been considered as another major required change in this project (James, 2018). Furthermore, the proposed system also needs some specific changes for the betterment of the service. Live support can be engaged there into the system, which will help the users to communicate with the system for 24*7, which will work like a specific and significant helpdesk for the users (Blanchard & Blyler, 2016). It will make the system more successful to provide an effective level of user satisfaction. Furthermore, holding a 24*7-staffed service of helpdesk rather than chat is additionally capable of helping for the purpose of increasing transparency as well as driving consumer engagement. In addition, this is capable of being utilized like an assistance device for troubleshooting technical complexities. For now, these specific changes required to be done as per the provided case scenario of myki project of new ticketing system development.

Necessary processes are involved in submitting a request to deal with the changes
There are several processes that need to be involved in order to manage the increment of cost and time efficiently and successfully; those specific and significant phases, which needs to be engaged here for the purpose of dealing with the changes, are mentioned in the following section. Appropriate delivery assurance of the project should be formed there, first. Then, the project also should evaluate each and every hazard related to the project, thus, it will help to mitigate or transfer the risk without consumption of high cost. Furthermore, all of the team engaged with the project, especially the development or delivery team should be present there attentively from the stage of planning, hence they will be capable of providing the proper assessment involving the practical cost as well as time for being adjusted ahead of owing the delivery of the project. Moreover, there is a requirement of the enforcement of proper change administration as well as communication administration too; hence the stakeholders of the project will be capable of understanding deliverables of all stakeholders with the clarification of budget and deadline (Wilmering, 2017). Furthermore, they should also assign such suppliers of open solution architecture of the system, which is having a cheap rate as well. Furthermore, using an analytic tool or BI will be much helpful in order to control the budget and schedule of the project in a fluent manner. Furthermore, a chatbot system is able to be created for giving a chat service for 24*7 to the consumers, for the purpose of supplying a specific and significant technical assistance regarding any problem conducted in the system during ticketing.

Options and their risks
There are different options for implementing the specific changes, which are mentioned in the following section, along with their drawbacks:

Get everybody involved: It can be an effective way for controlling the changes effectively. Here, the vendor ought to challenge the staffs for the purpose of identifying different paths through which the business will be capable of saving cost as well as time fluently, and additionally how the system can better interact with the users. This is how some activities, as well as improperness, can be identified there, without consumption of many costs (Nelson, 2017). Furthermore, the outer stakeholders, such as vendors as well as suppliers are additionally capable of offering on a similar topic. Later, after the selection of an efficient idea of the staff for the implementation, the staff should be rewarded (Biech, 2016). However, there are some potential risks, in order to incorporate this option, such as the higher authority should be concerned here, about the sensitive information from going in the wrong hand, otherwise, the internal information can be used in a negative way. Moreover, the ideas need to be clearly justified first ahead of implementing, otherwise, there may be a chance of getting a failure to achieve the project outcome.

Engagement of tools and technologies: It can be another major path or option for the project to be managed efficiently and effectively, in case of cost, time as well as communication. BI consists of the specific and significant technologies along with the planning utilized through the organization in order to business information analysis. Furthermore, after engaging this kind of emerging tool the system will capable of analyzing the information perfectly and the control will be more effective on the business (Chartered Institute of Building, 2018). Furthermore, technology like chatbot is also can be implemented in case of incorporation of better communication in the system. However, here, in this case, there are some crucial risks that are also present there, such as the staff should have the proper knowledge to handle tools and technologies, otherwise, it can result oppositely. Furthermore, a specific and significant risk regarding this option is the failure of the incorporated tools, which can cause delay or error as well.

Context model in change management 1

Figure: Context model of the change management process
(Source: created by the student)

Completion of the change request
Here, in this case, the change control procedure in the myki project needs to involve different significant phases, in order to perform efficient control or completion of the change in the project. However, at the initiation of this process, the project team needs to define the change request effectively and efficiently, and, thereafter the change request should be submitted as well as reviewed properly (Sadangi & Mohapatra, 2017). Furthermore, defining the options for fulfilling the changes and their risks should also be acknowledged here, as well as, after that a response document also ought to be prepared (Miller & Proctor, 2016). After performing all of these phases, finally, it needs to take a specific decision and also get approval on that decision. However, here, in this case, engagement of tools and technologies can be considered as a better option for fulfilling the demands of the change request, but the incorporated tools need to be properly verified, regularly (Sadangi & Mohapatra, 2017).

Here, in this different stakeholders can be engaged for doing these changes. Firstly a technical team is needed there for technical implementation, along with that technical consultant also needed here. Furthermore, a good financial manager ought to be involved there, who can solve the problems of over budget through developing potential plans of controlling the budget. Furthermore, the normal staffs also need to be a part of this change management process.

Project schedule

Task Name

Start Date

Duration (days)

End Date

1.      Identification of changes




2.      Identification of their impacts and risk




3.      Identification of the necessary processes 




4.      Identification of the strategies and options along with their risk




5.      Engagement with stakeholders




6.      Identification of technologies to be incorporated 




7.      Change implementation 




This report had clearly discussed the changes required in this project, and also explained the necessary processes, along with the suitable options for fulfilling the specific and significant identified changes. On the accomplishment of this report, it can be concluded that incorporation of the specified changes in the document will be much beneficial for the myki project to manage their cost, communication, and schedule in a proper manner.

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Context model in change management 2


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