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Project Management Assignment: Design & Implementation Of Student Banking System


Task: This document should cover but not limit to the following points:

  • What is system development approach was used (agile or other traditional approaches) for your project and why this approach is used?
  • What are the functional requirements? Data requirement description, including either structured paradigm (ER diagram, Data Flow Diagram, etc…) or object oriented paradigm (UML diagram, etc…). Define all the data (Data Types and Sizes) in your database
  • Overall use case diagram and detail description and explanation of each use case.
  • What are non-functional requirements for the proposed system? Such as Look and Feel Requirements, Usability and Humanity Requirements, Performance Requirements, Operational Requirements, Maintainability and Support Requirements, Security Requirements, Cultural and Political Requirements, Legal Requirements, etc..
  • System navigation and user interface design, including sketches, screenshot or storyboard.
  • Analyse and estimate the associated cost of the project. 
  • Show a work breakdown structure and a project schedule (as a Gantt Chart). Explain and the schedule and discus how they relate to the current project. 
  • Any issue needs consideration such as risks, cutover, over budget, new problems, etc…. Provide your explanation of the issues and justification of possible solution.
  • A table showing detailed information about the contribution for each member to the System Analysis and design stage should be provided. Members of the same group may receive different marks depending on the contribution to the project. (Student may be interviewed to demonstrate their understanding about the part which they contributed) 
  • At least 12 references must be used, including 6 scholarly references. (Harvard Referencing Style)


Executive summary
This Project management assignment is consisting of the process and the flow of the development of the project which the learner has used in developing the project of student banking management system. In this project the reporter has clearly highlighted the concepts and paradigms related to the system designing and architecture. This report also contains the non-technical view points of the designed system which is about the non-functional observations of the system and other things. In the end of this report the learner has discussed about the estimation of the cost for this specific project. There are a lot of risks and threats which the learner may face during the entire development process of the project, here all these things are described properly. Analysis of the future scope and the suggestions are also described in brief at the end of this report.

Project management plays a vital role for any kind of the organization in making their working culture efficient and effective. While working on this project it is required to establish the connections with the user interface and the client interface in equal manner. In this report the learner will discuss about the strategies and steps involved in the development of the project. This report will consist the various aspects of the development process and wide report on the technical analysis of the project management system for the developed project of the student bank management system. This report of Project management assignment will cover the methods and approaches related to the development of this system.

System development approach
For the development of this project which is based on the student banking management system the first thing which the developer or the user have to determine about the approach of the project on which the user have to work. For this specific assignment the main aim is to design a banking system for the students which will provide the facility to the students for their different purposes. For this specific project of the student banking management the system development approach should be agile. The justification behind selecting this kind of system approach is that the agile methodology will provide the extra benefit of developing the software application centred on the ideology of the iterative development. For this project of banking management system which is to be developed on the object oriented language, the designed system is developed with the traditional approach.The traditional Project Management (waterfall) approach is linear where all the phases of a process occur in sequence. Its concept depends on predictable tools and predictable experience. Each and every project follows the same life cycle which includes the stages such as feasibility, plan, design, build, test, production, support, as shown in the figure above.

The entire project is planned upfront without any scope for changing requirements. This approach assumes that time and cost are variables and requirements are fixed. This is the reason why traditional project management faces budget and timeline issues.

Functional and non-functional requirements
For development of a system of student banking system, it will require a different kind of functional and non-functional requirements. For this project the functional requirement which will require for the development of this project explored in Project management assignment are discussed below.

Functional requirements
Bank managers functionalities

  • As this system is developed in C++ language and following the tradition and basic approach for designing the system, this system has the basic structure.
  • Target users of this system are the students and the other bank employees who will access the deigned system. The other target users will be the customers (students).
  • The system is designed in such a way that there is the single interface for the admin and the customers.
  • Admins have to use the same portal which the customers will use.
  • All the users will get the option to handle their personal accounts and the bank will have an option to look only on those details which are required to be.(which means the banks will not get an option to drag into the customers private information)
  • Students have the option to create and update their account by themselves, they need not depend on the banking staffs for this task.
  • Here the manager and the admin of the system will get an option for handling the management and organization of the bank.

Students Functionalities

  • Students can create their account and make changes in their personal information.
  • Students will get an option to check the balance of their account.
  • Users can deposit and withdraw their money from their accounts and they will also get an option for the cash transfer from one account to the other account.
  • Users will get an option for the close and modify in their account.
  • They have the option for their modification in their account information and the other information related to their banking processes.

Look and feel requirement
About the look and feel of the system this design has the very basic type of appearance and it is very simple to use. As per the design this system will work like an ATM machine where the users need not to type or enter a lot input data for their works. Suppose for opening a bank account they one need to enter the option from the numeric data to select their task. In the same way for other functionalities users have to select the options as they do in the ATM machine and they can proceed with their options. This feature also contains a limitation, as this is select and proceed system it allows only one task to do at a single time.

Usability and human requirement
Usability of this system can be decided from the implementation of this system and also from the purpose for which this system is designed. As discussed earlier in this Project management assignment, this system is designed for the purpose of student’s use where they can use the banking process for their personal uses and also for the payment of college fees and other stuffs.

  • For the human requirement, system will need human involvement only for the foreground processes.
  • This will not need any human for the processing and functioning purposes of the system.

Performance requirement
In designing and development of this system the developer has used the basic concept of programming due to this reason this system will provide the benefits of simplicity in its uses and installation. Performance of the designed system can be evaluated with the execution time of the programs and codes which is written for the system. According to the developer’s calculation the time complexity of the program was nearly up to 0.005 sec which is a satisfactory result (Cohn,2019).

Operational requirement
Software and hardware’s which will require to operate this system is summarized in the given list. Users will require very minimum number of software for the operation of this system.

  • Windows of any version starting from windows 7 up to the updated versions
  • A database system
  • 64bit processor
  • Minimum of 2 GB of hard disk.
  • Minimum of 4GB RAM(unless it will not allow the database and server to run properly)

Maintainability and support requirement
For maintenance and support of the system it will require very low cost and efficiency in maintaining this system. Here there are some cases discussed for the maintenance of this system.

System overloading
In the case of system overloading the system may not work properly, in this situation the admin or the host of the system need to check the servers and the database of the system. In some cases this program may show an execution or run time error due to system’s incompatibility, this issue highlighted in the Project management assignment should be handled by professional developers.

Fatal error
There are some fatal issues which may harm the system after installation like getting injected with viruses and spywares or getting the threats from other sources. Due to connectivity with the servers it may be affected with this kind of harmful things and in their maintaining process these things must be took care of.

Discussion of Non-functional requirements in Project management assignment
Cultural and political requirements: Discussing about the cultural and political requirements of the designed system there are different aspects which need to be covered. In this designed system the developer had taken significant steps to maintain the cultural requirements of the system.

  • In this system there is nothing which will hurt the cultural ethics of any religion.
  • As in normal banking process they provide the account opening form which has a lot of columns to be filled by the customers, in which they provide a separate space for selecting a religion. Here the developer removed that portion maintain the cultural value and to maintain the equality among all the religions. Banks does not need any kind of details and it is all about the individual’s personal belief.
  • Throughout the system the users will not get any content related to the culture and religion, which will cause any kind of discrimination.

Political requirements
Discussing from the political point of views this system does not contain any kind of the political influences and information in this system related to the political parties and other organizations. This system will not show any kind of information related to the politics on their portal. In this designed system of Project management assignment the system will not allow anyone to enter any unofficial information regarding any matter which may hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Database architecture
For this system the database architecture which is designed for storing the information related to the bank accounts and the account holders. The schema is designed with the purpose to contain different tables of different data in one place. For designing the database here relational database model is preferred. In relational kind of database one can relate and use this database at different platforms.

Tables of the database


Data type

User name


User address


Account number


Phone number






Account information (Account_info)


Data type







Bank status


 Data type

Account number


Account holder name


Total balance


Last transaction

Date and time

Account status

Char (active/inactive)

This database structure described in Project management assignment will provide a benefit of mapping and joining two tables with each other to provide efficiency to the system. Here system can fetch the common data from the single table wherever it is needed.

Security issues
From the development till the installation of this system this application system will require a lot of precaution from the security and privacy point of view. This designed system is for the banking system which will contain a lot of sensitive data and information. Additionally it is advised to implement extra security features after the installation of this system.

From the developer’s point of view during development of this system the developer had taken an extra care of reducing the vulnerable points in the application. System installed on the servers or connected with any kind of the network will share its information to the user from the second end. To avoid this issue the developer has used some function like “Get” and “POST” to restrict the permission of showing and hiding the data (Balomenos,2017).

Cost analysis
The cost of development and implementation of this project is very low. Evaluating the estimated cost of installation, this project will require lesser value than the other projects which are based on high level programming languages. Discussing about the maintenance cost of this system it does not need a lot more maintenance. For the betterment of the system the developer has planned to implement online system analyser within this system which will automatically monitor the status and work process of the designed system and will show the report on the dashboard of the admin.

From the financial point of view the project explored in this Project management assignment is completed within the estimated budget. The estimated budget of this project which the user has calculated at the time of project analysis was about $ 200 and after the installation this project took around $ 180, which is lesser than the estimated cost of the project.

Use cases



User accounts

Users can create their account by their own and they can submit their all their data, banking staffs will verify and approve the created account.

Bank account creation

Here users have also an option to create the bank accounts or the bank can also add new accounts for the users.

Account type

Users will get an option to select their bank account type, which is “current” or Saving”

Cash deposit

User can deposit their cash by logging in into the account by online transfer or my manually paying the cash to the machine.

Banking staffs will also have the option to manage this system.

Cash withdrawal

User have to apply with this system for the cash withdrawal. Users have to select the given option from the main menu to withdraw the cash.

Balance enquiry

For balance enquiry users have to follow the same process as they did for the withdrawal. Here they have to select the option of the balance enquiry and have to enter their account details the database will automatically fetch the information of their account.

Account deployment

Users will also get an option to close and deploy their account.

Deployment of account will lead to the deletion of the account details from the database of the application.

Use case mentioned in the Project management assignment is a methodology of the system which allows the users to know about the working and functionality of the system.

Use case diagram

Project management assignment

Figure:- use case diagram
(Source:- created by user)

ER diagram
Entity relationship diagram of a system shows the relation with its entities and the tasks in the designed system. The ERD model of this system which is shown in the below given figure within this Project management assignment will describe the structure of the database flow and the passage of information from user to the other user.

Project management assignment

Figure: - ER diagram of the designed system
(Source: - created by user)

Data flow diagram

Project management assignment

Data flow diagram
(Source: - created by user)

Project breakdown structure

Project management assignment

Figure: - project breakdown structure
(Source:-created by user)

Issues and risks
There are a lot of issues and risks which may arise due to this system. The system will get a lot of threats with its functionality and the working process due to the network and other sources. Loss of data and threat for the privacy of the data are the most common one.

Loss of data
Banks may get threat of losing data with this system. There can be various reasons due to which they will be affected. Due to failure of the system or crash of the database system they will get a threat of losing the data. In the case of failure of the system there are some precautionary steps which needs to be taken as a preventive and precautionary steps. The organization may use the firewall and other security features which can restrict the unauthorized access to the system.

Threats due to the cause of the natural hazards discussed in Project management assignment are also very common for any software application which is based on the online server. Due to failure of power system in storms and other cases the system may lose its connectivity from the server and it may cause to the loss of data.

Privacy of data
Data privacy is one of the important things which must be ensured for the deigned system like banking which contains a lot secured data. For the privacy of data the developer has included a lot of different features which will enhance the privacy policy of the system.

For securing the password in the database of the system the developer has introduced the hash command which will automatically convert the password into the decrypted form. This might be used with the formation of Account password and other related features.

Security of data
For securing the data the developer has introduced the security features like password authorization and verification of other related data. However banks will manually verify these data but from the system’s end it will verify the input data with the database present in the system and after then it will allow access to the users.

Outputs and results

Project management assignment

Figure:- Home page

Select the options

Project management assignment

Project management assignment

Project management assignment

Project management assignment

Project management assignment

Concluding this project with the positive vibes will provide an extra support to this report which is based on the project management system. In this entire Project management assignment the learner has studied in depth about the technologies and methods relate to the development of this system and also done in depth research for the theories and concept of the project mana agent. The outcomes of this report can be very effective from the learning point of view. In this report it is clearly discussed about the approaches and functional and non-functional requirements of the projects. Project management assignments are being prepared by our project management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help online service.

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