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Project Management Assignment: Implementation Plan for SAP ERP System in Yes Chemist Pty Ltd


Task: Write a well-researchedproject management assignment presenting the implementation plan for SAP ERP system in the Yes Chemist Pty Ltd by VUISC Pty Ltd.


The project management assignmentdeals with the implementing a SAP system in the Yes Chemist Pty Ltd. by VUISC Pty Ltd. The research has shown that the company VUISC Pty Ltd.has been enabled to provide the best services related to IT operations to its potential customers. The company consists of a large employee base from different fields such as consultants, project managers, business analysts, programmers, technical supporting staff, testers and administrative staff. Along with that, the company has some experienced specialists who are able to implement the required systems, some technical writers and some effective trainers who can support the purpose of professional development. However, now the company has asked the IT manager to develop and implement a SAP system in the proposed company who is suffering from management issues. A SAP system helps a business for managing different fields such as logistics, financial department as well as human resources aligned with some other business components. An Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system can be implemented in the Yes Chemist Pty Ltd. The following study would involve the implementation plan of a SAP ERP system in the proposed organization. An appropriate project schedule would be planned and attached in this study along with the required resources. An effective risk assessment plan and communication management plan would also be a part of this study.

Project scope

The following project deals with the development and implementation of a SAP ERP system in the Yes Chemist Pty Ltd which is facing several issues for the lack of an effective data management system. The project aims to implement a SAP system and develop a proper schedule for delivering the project aligned with the determined budget and the allocated time. The research has evaluated the factor that a SAP ERP system refers to the process which helps a company to manage the management related activities. It also helps in improving productivity, quality development, improving inventory management, reduces the overall cost and makes positive improvements in the annual sales volume. These can be considered to be the quality standards that have been asked by the client.

The study would also be helpful for listing all the quality standards that have been required. The research has also ensured the factor there might be some negative factors such as risk factors that can harm the effectiveness of the entire system. The study would also identify an effective risk assessment plan where the possible solutions would also be mentioned.

• To implement a SAP ERP system in the Yes Chemist Pty Ltd.
• To identify the required resources.
• To list all the quality standards asked by the client.
• To provide an effective communication plan.
• To discuss the identified risk factors.
• To provide an effective budget aligned with a proper schedule through a gantt chart.

Quality standards
SAP QM or Quality Management can be considered to be an effective business key component of SAP such as procurement processes, production, material management as well as sales. The following scenario deals with the business activities of a company who is suffering from the lack of an effective data management system. The IT manager has asked to implement a SAP ERP system in the proposed business for making positive improvements in the business quality. Some quality standards have been asked by the client that is needed to be included in the project deliverables.

Quality standards (deliverables) 

Assessment methods


Improvement of the inventory management

KPI or Key Performance Indicator

It can help the client business to make positive improvements in the business by developing the inventory management. It can help in managing the management related operations.

Ensuring quality management

Balanced Scorecard

It can help the client company to make positive improvements in the customer service. The quality management can be developed and the customers would be satisfied.

Mitigation of the risk factors


It can help in identifying the risk factors and implement possible solutions for mitigating the negative impacts of the harmful factors. 

Improvement in productivity

GDP or Gross Domestic Product

It can help the client company to make positive improvements in productivity which can also ensure the customers satisfaction as well.


Accounting Dictionary

Cost-effectiveness can help the client business to make profits in the overall cost related operations and it can provide the opportunity for increasing productivity as well.

Managing the management departments

Flow Charts

A SAP ERP system is efficient for providing the facility of managing the management departments such as human resources, logistics as well as financial departments.

Business case
Business need

The following study intends to develop a project management plan which would be beneficial for implementing a SAP system in the proposed company. It has been that the need of an effective data management system has been emerged by the company. Hence the company authority has asked the VUISC Pty Ltd to implement a SAP system in their business organization that can be efficient for managing the management departments. The project is important for providing the facility to the client company so that they can make positive improvements in their inventory management. It can also help in increasing the productivity of the client organization. A significant number of project deliverables or benefits have been expected from this project of implementing a SAP ERP system in the business. The following section can be helpful for identifying the expected benefits from the implementation of the project.

Expected benefits

Assessment tools

Positive improvement in productivity


Improved communication

Evaluating Communication Tool

Quality assurance

Balanced Scorecard

Improved inventory management


Improved human resources

Employee Demographic Tool

Improvement in financial department



Hence, it can be said that the implementation of an effective SAP ERP system can cause some dis-benefits as well. The research has shown the factor that the implementation process of this management system requires a high cost. The company is required to purchase the involved software and hardware for implementing the system. The IT employees who work under this project, expects a high labor cost as well which can be considered as a dis-benefit of this system. Thereafter, the employees are needed to be provided proper training on how to handle this system. The system prevents the data sharing between the different departments which can cause a gap in the communication frequency.


Assessment tools

High cost


Lack of communication

Communication Assessment Tool

Efficient workers

Employee performance

Required training 

Employee performance 

Labor cost

Cost management plan


Project Schedule and Approach (Rollout strategy)
Project scheduling refers to the mechanism technique which helps in providing an effective list of the tasks that are required to be done including activities, milestones as well as deliverables of the proposed project. It also includes the project plan including the start date, duration, end date, resources and the phases related to each activity. It has been considered to be an important component which helps in managing the overall time. The present project deals with the implementation of a SAP system in the client business organization. The project team can use the rollout strategy for determining the steps of automated deployment related to the project schedule. It means that rollout strategy is beneficial for providing an effective schedule such as “software deployment” for completing the determined tasks.

It would be done through five phases such as “initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and project closure”. The initiation phase includes ‘charter documentation, requirement analysis, stakeholder identification and preparing the requirement’. It would take 11 days to be completed. The planning phase would include ‘project scope, project schedule, project budget, human resource allocation, quality management and plan approval’. It would take 9 days to be completed. Then comes the execution phase which includes ‘server installation, server software installation, infrastructure set up, integration of system functions, modulation and management, provide training and go live support’. It would take 25 days to be completed. The monitoring phase includes ‘test of each pc, user acceptance testing, project evaluation and project control’. It would take about 8 days. The last phase is project closure which includes ‘documentation, project review and closing documents’ and it would take 3 days. The project is expected to be started on 23rd June, 2020 and is expected to be finished on 9th August, 2020 which means that the total duration is 56 days. The determined milestones are,


  • To implement a SAP ERP system.
  • To implement 20 PCs and connect the server with each pc.
  • To provide a server installation to progress.
  • To evaluate the project control.
  • To ensure the quality management and improve the reproducibility. 


Resources in project management assignment

It is evident that the successful submission of a project depends on the involvement of some required human resources. The following study intends to develop the implementation of a SAP ERP system in the client business organization. The following section can be helpful for identifying the required resources and their significance.




Is responsible for documenting all the required documents and submitting them to the required fields.


Is responsible for planning the project according to the cost and time.

Project manager

Is responsible for managing the team members and guide the members towards completing the project within the determined time and cost.

Financial manager

Is responsible for managing all the finance related activities and leads the project towards being successful.

Human resource manager

Is responsible for managing all the requirements related to the human resource operations.

Quality manager

Helps in ensuring and maintaining the quality of the project.

Team member

Team members are the most significant stakeholders of a project as the entire project including planning phase to closing phase depend on them.


Is responsible for providing effective training to the team members.


Is responsible for connecting the software and hardware with each other.

Server hardware

Is responsible for making the server related operations successful.

Server software

Is responsible for connecting the server related requirements with technology resources.

Windows 10

Is responsible for making the operations successful.

20 client PC

Helpful for implementing an effective SAP ERP system.


Resources in project management assignment

The overall cost of the proposed project is expected to be $83,070 which includes the cost of the human resources and other required resources as well. The project team includes the documenter, planner, project manager, financial manager, human resource manager, quality manager and trainer. The overall cost of the team members is $23,320 and the rest of the costs involve the materials resources such as client pc, software, hardware, server and others. The implementation of the 20 PCs has been identified to be the prior cost which requires $50,000.

Assumptions: The assumptions include
• Identification of the standard rates of materials
• Units of materials required for the project
• Identification of per hourly wages of human resources
• Duration of works for the human resources

Resources in project management assignment

Resource Name


Standard Rate



48 hrs




72 hrs



Project Manager

88 hrs



Financial Manager

24 hrs



Human Resource Manager

32 hrs



Quality Manager

48 hrs



Team Member

232 hrs




48 hrs







Server Hardware




Server Software




Windows 10




20 client pc




Total Budget





A risk register refers to the process of defining the identified risk factors which can have negative impacts on the project deliverables and numbering them according to the impact and likelihood. The following section can be helpful for identifying the risk factors and the possible solutions as well.






Possible mitigations

Cost overrun

Lack of cost can prevent the lifecycle of the project. The implementation of 20 PCs requires a huge amount which is needed to be provided by the project authority.




The project authority is required to manage the fund before the project starts.

Time overrun

It can have an immersive negative impact on the project deliverables as the project needs to be completed within the estimated time aligned with budget. 




Time management plan

Lack of training

Untrained employees can cause error in the system and ruin the effectiveness of the implementation process. 




Proper training provided

Improper schedule

Improper schedule can cause delay in project submission.




Schedule management plan

Improper software or hardware

Use of improper software or hardware can ruin the entire effectiveness of the system.




Hiring experienced employees

Lack of technical support

Technical support of the resources such as windows 10 is required for the project completion. 




Implementation of the server


It is evident that a project can be successful only when the team members are communicating with others in an effective way. It means that the project is required to include a communication management plan which is efficient for supporting the project deliverables.

Communication method


Communication medium

Communication frequency

Responsible person

Kick-off meeting

Introducing the project team with project objectives and goals 



Project manager 


Make understand the stakeholders their tasks



Project manager 


Financial manager



Project manager 





Project manager 


Software engineers



Project manager 

Project status reports

Team members 



Project manager 

Video conferencing 


Video call


Project manager 


The overall study has dealt with the implementation of an effective SAP ERP system in the proposed company. A proper schedule has been required by the company which has been made by using gantt chart. A significant number of resources including human resources and material resources have been identified in the project. An effective budget plan also has ensured the expected budget that the company would need for implementing the SAP system. Some risk factors have been identified and some possible solutions have been included. Along with that, an effective communication plan has been included in the project which has ensured the factor that the team members have communicated with each other and has led the project towards being successful.

Aven, T., 2016. Risk assessment and risk management: Review of recent advances on their foundation. European Journal of Operational Research, 253(1), pp.1-13. Giannakis, M. and Papadopoulos, T., 2016. Supply chain sustainability: A risk management approach. Project management assignmentInternational Journal of Production Economics, 171, pp.455-470.

Hopkin, P., 2018. Fundamentals of risk management: understanding, evaluating and implementing effective risk management. Kogan Page Publishers.

Hubbard, D.W., 2020. The failure of risk management: Why it's broken and how to fix it. John Wiley & Sons.


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