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Code Of Ethics Assignment: Critical Evaluation On The Case Of Flight Centre


Prepare a code of ethics assignment considering the case of Flight Centre.


Introduction of Code of conduct assignment
Code of Ethics defines the expectations and principles of controlling the behaviour of the organizations and also the individuals by internal auditing (Gotterbarn et al. 2018). It evaluates the necessary requirements for managing the behavioural expectation compare to specific activities. The aim is to define the standards that should be obeyed by the workers and the representatives. Code of conduct is the set of norms that every employee should follow on daily basis (Hubert 2021). It consists of five basic ethics are Integrity, Professional competence and behaviour, Objectivity, and Confidentiality. It also clears the values, mission, and principles of an organization. To evaluate the exactly expected conduct from all the employees and the outcomes if they proceed unethically is the main purpose of the code of conduct in an organization. This also helps to decrease unethical actions of an organization that help to improve a better relationship with the stakeholders. This report includes a discussion about the code of ethics of Flight Centre. Determination about the issues and an exploration of applying a code of ethics to the organization are also included in this report. The inner core of the concept of the code of ethics and the evidence about its impact is also described in this report.


Discrimination is basically a concept of unjustified distinctions between employees. There are some level forms of discrimination that are mainly present in workplaces are racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, cissexism, homophobia, lookism, and ableism (Victor et al. 2017). The above types of discrimination are common and happen to an organization on a regular basis. Although, there are some different definitions of discrimination present those are defined by the basic form of discrimination as per the equality law those are Directdiscrimination, Indirect discrimination, Harassment and Victimization All types of discrimination are equally harmful for an organization as they have an impact on the workflow of an organization.

An organization like a ‘Flight centre’ definitely needs to fix issues like discrimination to enhance the workflow and serve better more. An organization like Wesfarmers also sets a Code of Conduct that provides a set of principles those work as a guide for every employee of the Wesfarmers Group. It not only set the legal rules but also enlarges their ethical obligations of working procedure. Woolworth is defined as one of the best organizations in Australia. Theircodes of ethics against discrimination provided them a better result and also help to enhance their growth and productivity as well.

Code of ethics regarding discrimination
To avoid the formation of discrimination as discuss above, ‘Flight centre’ have to set a code of ethics like:

  • The first rule should be set as no mercy or no tolerance should be permitted for any type of discrimination that creates threatening or hampers the productivity of any employee like harassment or victimization and the one who dare to did, should be punished as well.
  • No inequality regarding sex, gender, colour tone, region, or nationality should be present in the workplace. Every person should be treated equally.
  • Equal importance should be given to every person. Listen to each person and give importance as well.


Exploitation can be exemplified as forced labour or slavery (Livne-Ofer et al. 2019). In an organisation, the exploitation can come in the form of different aspects such as status, wage, affiliations and others (Livne-Ofer et al. 2019). As the result of the exploitation the ethical issues such as Labour abuse. Therefore the because of the presence of the exploitation the company can not only face ethical issues rather they can also face the issues of sustainability and CSR. A strong example of exploitation has been found in the Amazon. In the case of the company, it has been found that the workers in the fulfilment centres of the company have been fighting for their rights. This circumstance indicates that they are not satisfying their workers rather the workers accused that the company has demand high work efforts from the labour but does not pay them efficiently ( 2020). This has signified slavery in the company. Not only that it has also been found that the company has been associated with the suppliers that have the forced labour ( 2020). These issues have developed legal issues also for the companies because the acts such as the Modern Slavery act 2018 do not allow the companies to be associated with any of such cases (Sinclair and Nolan 2020). Thus, in the current times, it has been seen that the companies have developed the code of ethics including human rights and safety so that such ethical issues cannot be aroused.

Code of ethics related to exploitation
For the purpose of the Flight centre, there are some codes of ethics that have to be included regarding exploitation to assure that all the workers have work freely and safely without any exploitative behaviour. The lists of codes of ethics are –

  • Inclusion of human rights where the company will incorporate the policy of maintaining human rights in the workplace.
  • Inclusion of safe workplace behaviour where all employee including the managers has advised to follow the protocol of maintaining the safe workplace not only from the side of the physical safety but also from the side of mental safety.
  • Include the policy of zero-tolerance of any exploitative decisions or behaviours.
  • Reporting against the exploitative behaviour where all employees regardless of their position or status in the workplace can report the exploitative behaviour to the board.
  • The company will hire all employees with their proper consent about the work and policies.


Corruption is considered the prime threat for any business in various countries, all over the world (Bahoo, Alon and Paltrinieri 2020). Corruption can easily affect the business and everything initiating with the contracts of the lawsuits along with the licences. It has been identified that corruption is determined against the laws as well as it erodes the unity and coherence of the economies and governments ( 2021). Corruption highlights and determines the business deals which are repeated by including the hidden process, where the competition does not highlight what it seems as well as the partnerships are also chosen for the purpose of convenience rather than quality. However, when corruption takes place in the business organisation, it mostly influences and affects the discernment of the business by the employees and the public (IBAC 2021). While this affects the organisation or industry, it breaks down the trust of the public and also appears to damage the brand reputation leading to a lack of business opportunities.

It usually tends to waste the rates or taxes that have been set aside for the most crucial projects highlighted by the business community which emphasises that the business requires to put up the poor infrastructure or quality services otherwise misplaced altogether at the same time (Gründlerand Potrafke 2019). Various studies have incorporated that the prime cause of corruption highlights the size and the structure of the government, salaries of civil services, press freedom and judiciary, labour forces, salaries on civil services and many more (Bahoo, Alon and Paltrinieri 2020). Gradually corruption forms a great impact on the official growth of the business, inequality, foreign direct investment, capital inflows, authorised expenditure as well as services (Enste and Heldman 2021).

Code of ethics related to corruption
The code of ethics to reduce the corruption in the organisation Flight centre are also follows –

  • Inclusion of Anti-corruption policy.
  • Zero-tolerance to any corrupted activities and immediate action.
  • Zero-acceptance of inappropriate gifts and bribes – applicable for all assets and stakeholders for the company.
  • Flight Centre should not offer any gifts or donations out of their legal rights and inappropriate way.
  • Donations can be done with the following of the laws and amenities of the Australian government.
  • In the business, field companies should be associated with the competition in the business but they should follow all the policies, liabilities and amenities of the Australian government to avoid inappropriate competition with business rivals.
  • Should allow all stakeholders to report the corrupted activities in the company.

Dishonest and Fraudulent Behaviour

Dishonesty is considered as the unethical behaviour in the workplace of the business organisation which involves submitting incorrect timesheets, employee theft, lying to co-workers and managers along with some unethical conducts which are highlighted as drug abuse and harassment (Latham 2021). Based on this, when a small business tends to face business dishonesty in the workplace, then there is a high chance of the loss of revenues along with a drop in lower morale and productivity (Trevino 2021). On the other hand, fraudulent behaviours in the workplace can be demonstrated as the utilisation of one's occupation for personal improvement and enhancement through the conscious misapplication or mis-utilisation of the resources or the assets through employing (Latham 2021).

This highlights that the impact of the fraudulent behaviours can lead to complicated relationships, eroded confidence, as well as the loss of growth momentum (Latham 2021). Correspondingly, when an organization is facing both dishonest and fraudulent behaviour inside the workplace culture can lead to the development of the false persona of the company, ruins business reputation, leads to complexity, destroys the business as well as it creates the deception of trust among the loyal employees (Trevino 2021).

Code of ethics related to Dishonest and Fraudulent behaviour

  • Flight centres can also look forward to the ‘St Vincent de Paul Society NSW of Fraud and Dishonest Behaviour Policy’ in order to provide an ethical workplace for the society members where dishonesty, employees who are thefts and serious waste cannot be tolerated.
  • Hiring trustworthy experts for developing the anti-fraud policies and procedures such as Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), Certified in Fraud Forensics (CFF) and Certified Public Accountants (CPA)/(CPAs).
  • Digging the employees towards ethical conduct in the workplace as well as fostering ethical behaviours by offering the code of conduct or code of ethics training. This helps to build problem-solving skills among the employees and encourages them to be more honest.

Whistle-blower Protections

The Whistleblowing Protection is considered to be very crucial which delivers the stakeholders towards the freedom and independence to give rise to any concern by the approved channels regulated under the inspect committee ( 2021). According to Mechtenberg, Muehlheusser and Roider (2020), the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 is considered as the law which defends the federal authorised workers in the United States from retaliatory actions which are required for the voluntary acknowledging the information regarding the illegal and dishonest activities frequently causing in the government organisation. Based on the above discussion of the dishonest and fraudulent behaviours occurring in the organisation of Flight Centre, the company might head up to the ‘Whistleblowing Policy'. There are two types of whistleblower known as Internal and External. According to the report of ( 2021), it has been identified that there are various reasons, where the employees get fear of blowing the whistle even during the time of conflicts such as Life threat, Retaliation, no increment given, Loss of job or transfer, Fear of Losing the relationship among the colleagues, etc.

Code of ethics related to Whistle-blower Protections

  • By the utilisation of the ‘Whistle-blower policy or protection’, Flight Centre can prevent both the employer as well as an employee from the risk or losses in the organisation.
  • Promote whistleblowing culture by incorporating accurate training to the employees opening the door or culture, involving the stakeholders. This will help Flight Centre to optimise the image and reputation of the organization outside along with the security and management.
  • Flight Centre should look forward to this protection act as it is identified that a clear whistleblowing policy can prevent and safeguard an enterprise in the consequence of a false or malicious accusation made by a present or former worker of the organisation.

The paper has been based on the code of ethics especially highlighting Discrimination, Corruption, Exploitation, Dishonest and Fraudulent Behaviour and Whistle-blower Protection. However, in order to educate employees regarding ethics, it is required for the organisation to promote protective mechanisms in the workplace, interact with them ethically to make them sustain their mishandling behaviours. On the other hand, the organization should offer ethical training and punish the unethical ones who are exploiting the diversified workplace. Based on the above analysis of the code of ethics it should be emphasized that if any employees failed to uphold the code of ethics in the Flight Centre in the future, for example, employee theft or abusive behaviours in the workplace then he or she should suffer from the penalties or even can get suspended for a week or two. Furthermore, if it can be seen that employees violating the internet policy of the company or any personal information then they would be laid off from the work permanently or getting permanent dismissal from the job. Moreover, in order to support the situation as well as the rules and regulations, the management requires to apply the policies and strategies in order to get rid of the risk factor of brand image and reputation in the workplace.

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