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International Business Assignment: Impact Of Brexit & Covid-19 On Supply Chain Management Of Vauxhall Motors


Prepare a detailed business report on international business assignment critically discussing about the impact of Brexit and Covid-19 pandemic on the supply chain management of Vauxhall Motors.


1.0Introduction to the context of international business assignment

As per the study made by Baldwin and Tomiura, (2020), the Impact of covid-19 can be observed in the overall business economy. During the year 2019-2020 the overall country face disruption in business operations and supply chain management due to Brexit and the covid-19 pandemic where both happened to take place during the same time period. On one hand covid-19 pandemic changes many of the business regulations and management positions as per government regulations where Brexit also impact the management as it is considered to take place when the UK leaves their membership with the European Union. The membership of the UK and EU is likely to create a trade relationship that does not smoothen the transition and other operations in the supply chain of business. The disruption has been identified in manufacturing due to some uncertain restrictions of international trade with import and import. Along with this scenario, Covid-19 also stopped manufacturing progress and also creates both labor and capital market crisis. In this report, the impacts of both Brexit and the covid-19 pandemic have been identified where the supply chain management of Vauxhall Motors is the centre of discussion. 

1.2 Background of the project

As per the report Coomber, (2017), Vauxhall motors is a well-known British car manufacturing company situated in Chalton, England. The organization was founded in the year 1857 in the London United Kingdom. In this paper the considerable impact of the Covid-19 pandemic along with the impact of Brexit has been identified depending on the gap the Company Vauxhall motors face due to the uncertain circumstances in their overall supply chain management. It has been observed that the company faces some challenges during the covid-19 pandemic where The end of UK and EU membership threaten the company viability in the UK car industry.

1.3 Context of the research contained by a larger disciplinary framework

The context of The chosen business and their corresponding Management disruption due to the impact of the two most significant economic and social changes which happened to take place. It has been considered from the company analysis (2021), that due to Brexit certain amount of restrictions and regulatory activities were imposed where The amount of manufacturing cars and their local and international trade by Vauxhall has been reduced. As Britain is no longer a member of the European Union, the country is considered to be on the verge of dwindling management. It has also been observed that due to the combined impact of Covid-19 and Brexit the company is also at the risk of being cut out from the future advancement and technology where people shift to more advancements also in their car preference and willingness to avoid the environmental pollution by adapting electronic car service. As per the report, British Auto Industry Risks Slow Decline After Brexit, (2021), it has been observed that the owner of the company, Vauxhall motors faced a major impact due to Brexit which has been exaggerated due to the covid-19 pandemic. Carlos Tavares claimed that before Brexit the main demand made by the car industry is to get the benefits of free trade equilibrium with which the company can trade relationships with various countries outside of their region boundary. The company is understood to adopt a wide disciplinary framework during the Brecht where there is a chance of delaying both in manufacturing and supplies of cars during the considerable circumstances.

1.4 Intention of the work accomplishment

As per the report, The Independent. (2021) Brexit, where the membership of the UK with the EU has been ended, leads to work out due to the avoidance of cross-channel tariffs as it would have been disastrous for The car manufacturers in Britain. Vauxhall is also included in that industry as it also faces some of the customs which slow down their supply chains with the creation of disincentives for the worldwide car dealers. The company has been continuously investing in British factories as it begins with the retool of electronic vehicles. Work accomplishment has been observed where covid-19 result in unemployability and people who worked in Vauxhall started losing their jobs due to the company's willingness to cut the excess cost of managing human resources.

1.5 Identify the key focus on the research

A key focus of the research is to investigate the challenges and changes the chosen company Vauxhall motors face due to the end of the United Kingdom and European union relationship along with the changes that take place due to the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. According to the viewpoint of BBC News. (2021), Vauxhall has been set up as one of the old car manufacturing companies in Britain and due to the increasing demand for electrical care, change in international trade relationships along with the change in labor market condition due to the covid-19 pandemic the company faces various challenges which disrupt their supply chain management. Astra, Crossland, Grandland, and some of the new British models like Corsa, Mokka, and some other cars have been manufactured under the company where the key focus is to identify what are the legal, political, social, and environmental challenges the company face after Brexit and covid-19 pandemic. 

1.6 Aims and objectives of the project

1.6.1 Aims

The aim of this project is to identify how Brexit and coronavirus pandemic impact in supply chain management of Vauxhall motor limited.

1.6.2 Objectives

  • To determine the change in the car industry manufacturing process with the supply chain during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • To identify what are the major changes that take place due to Brexit.
  • To measure the impact of Brexit in the chosen company, Vauxhall motors, in the United Kingdom.
  • To recommend strategies regarding supply chain management process due to the two economic changes in the country.

1.7 Research questions

  • What are the major changes that take place in the car manufacturing industry due to the covid-19 pandemic?
  • What are the changes take place in the same industry and their supply chain management when the EU-UK relationship ended?
  • What is the impact of Brexit on the selected organization, Vauxhall motors limited, London?
  • What are the considerable strategies of supply chain management during the two major economic and environmental changes in the last year?


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