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Reviewing Journal ArticleOn 5G Mobile Wireless Networks


Task: The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand how research is conducted and reported in Information Technology related fields. You are asked to read a peer-reviewed article from a scholarly journal in the field of Advance Networking and Communication Systems. Articles of this type will typically report on original research or replications of previously conducted experiments, or they will be literature reviews in which the author(s) present the results of a literature search on a specific topic. In the latter case, the article will usually be a dissertation on the most current thinking on a specific topic.


Liang et al., 2015.Information-centric network function virtualization over 5G mobile wireless networks. IEEE Network, 29(3), pp.68-74.

Summary of the article
The article had looked forward to review various kinds of literatures on then research ofInformation-centric Network function as well as virtualization over the 5G mobile networks. The article examined that the two technologies had been used separately in earlier times. However,Nowadays, the business organizations, also engineers, are looking forward to significantly improve the network connections to satisfy the needs as well as the wants of the population globally. It had helped to increase network performance by integrating the

The paper had looked forward to incorporating wireless network virtualization with the techniques of Information-centric function. In order to accomplish significant wireless services as well as the traffic over the 5G mobile networks, it is much beneficial for the business organization to look forward to improving the infrastructures and maximize the utilization of the networks. NFV had provided the momentum for designing the software-defined principles that will look forward to improve the infrastructure for 5G networks within mobile phones. The wireless network visualization enables individuals to share not only the content of infrastructure; however, it also looks forward to providing various services to the service providers so that they can effectively offer the services to the customers. The virtual resource allocation links the potential resources in order to optimize the significant challenges of the virtualization of wireless networks. In order to integrate the wireless network with the techniques of ICN, it increases the end performance as well as the performance of virtual mobile networks. The article had proposed architecture of wireless network virtualization in order to involve the network level slicing, content level slicing as well as the controller of information flow. The author had looked forward to design and develop the key components of the architecture to stimulate the performance of the proposed schemes.

The virtualization helps ineffective separation of the resources of physical cellular infrastructure and the physical resources of radio in order to hold corresponding functionalities as well as the isolation of multiple parties. Moreover, the virtualization of the mobile network looks forward to realizing the sharing of a mobile network through the resources of the licensed spectrum to transport the networks effectively.

The article had looked forward to identifying the role if the business model in order to decouple the specialized roles as well as the virtual mobile network operator. In the commercial markets, it is significant for the networking infrastructures to enable network sharing effectively. The use of Internet protocol is much different from Information-centric networking. The main consideration of Information-Centric networking is the dissemination of the deliverable information in order to maintain the conversations between two peoples. The flow of communication has been facilitated by the use of ICN within mobile networks.

Critique of the method and findings
The author looked forward to research upon the various selected articles and other forms of writings such as journals, books and articles in context with the Information Technology as well as IEEE Communication in order to review and analyze the entire findings effectively. The author had followed the methods thoroughly. He intended towards integrating the findings in order to help the further researchers for the future research related to the topic. Liang et al. (2015), found that in order to evaluate the performance of the virtual allocation of the resources, the schemes of in-network caching it is necessary to conduct simulations based upon the network thatare heterogeneous as well as capable of in-network caching. The articleinvolves as well as considered the RAN InPs, one MVNO, three SPs as well as the two backhaul InPs. It was observed that RAN InP 1 use to own two-tier networks of cellular forms with six small BSs and one macro BS. The author compared the uniformity of BSs at 12 locations in order to know about its performance and uniformity. The author proposed the integrated wireless network virtualization in order to develop information-centric wireless networks. The author also looks forward to allocating the resources properly to increase the wireless network’s utility function.It has been observed within the study that the proposed caching scheme had led the study to backhaul the usage of the compared scheme from a traditional to the recent transmission of networks. Due to the sharing of network and infrastructure, the content of transmission of networks is also different from various service providers.

However, the article also focused on comparing the number of potential users who are satisfied with the minimum requirements of data requested by the SP. The allocation of virtual resources in the scheme of network caching also realized the violation rate of data that isrequired for users. The others, as per the traditional scheme, also affect some users of the data. It is also noted that in the traditional scheme, the satisfied users are comparatively less in the traditional scheme as well as architecture. The main aim of ICN is to change the functionality as well as the processes of networks. The article had formulated the resource allocation in order to cache the network. It helps to obtain the simulation as wellas to improve schemes and the architecturethat is proposed substantially.

The article also looks forward to progressing the future work in order to control the proposed article through the process of proper evaluation and control. Moreover, the virtualization of a wireless network also looks forward to interface the applications of services, which often lead the interface of network sharing caching as well as the controllers of virtualization within the future work. Promising as well as the effective technologies help the network domain to apply the SDN wireless network in order to attract significant attention towards the research study. The results of obtained stimulation propose the information-centric wireless network in order to significantly outperform the existing schemes of the network as well as the architecture. However, it is much necessary to jointly consider wireless networks effectively by improving the techniques of end-to-endconnectivityandnetwork response.

Liang, C., Yu, F.R. and Zhang, X., 2015.Information-centric network function virtualization over 5G mobile wireless networks. IEEE network, 29(3), pp.68-74.


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