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Wireless Communication Assignment: Cases Based on Mobile Networks


Task: Prepare a wireless communication assignment addressing the following parts:

Part –A
Q1. Given the bit pattern 10111010, encode this data using ASK, FSK and PSK (i.e., draw the waveform that represents each ‘1’ or ‘0’ in a neat diagram). In the diagram, label the amplitude values used in ASK, frequency values used in BFSK (binary FSK because there are only 0 and 1 in the data), as well as the phase values used in BPSK (binary PSK). Encode the same data using QPSK.

Q2. A sinusoidal wave is presented by an equation: Asin(2?ft+?). For the following two sinusoidal waves find the value of A, f and ?.

img wireless communication assignment

Q3. The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is one of the biggest projects planned in Australia that has international importance. Read articles on SKA and write a report of minimum 700 words. Your report should include the wireless communication features of it, such a type, size and height of the antennas, communication frequency bands, and any other technical specifications relevant to wireless communication technology. You may also include diagrams. Your report should have references from journal/magazine articles and web resources.

Part B – Studying home office wireless routers
Q4. Some company staff members will require after hour access to the systems at the office, and to the Internet for research projects. The intention is for the company to purchase broadband capability for these staff members' home offices. Your task is to perform a comparative assessment of ADSL2+ equipment versus Cable modem equipment to determine which offers a better capability. The intention of this exercise to understand the technical specification of two different types of router and know their comparative advantages and limitations.
Select one ADSL2+ Modem-Router and one Cable Modem (Router) products in the market and perform the following comparisons, in tabular form, item by item:

Line Interface:
Modulation type

Modulation bit rates achievable (including distance limitations)
What error control strategy is used if any?
Is the modulation sensitive to crosstalk?
What cable and connector types are required for the line interface? Host Interface:

What host side interfaces are provided? (Hint: Ethernet, Firewire, USB2)
What bit rates do these supports?
How many ports are provided?
Is an embedded switching capability provided?
Is DHCP provided?

Modulation Comparison and Recommendation:
After you have completed, in tabular form, the comparison of basic parameters and specifications, provide a comparison of at least 300 words between the modulation types used in these products, explaining their respective strengths and weaknesses for this application. Based on the information you have gathered in the table, which type of wireless router would you recommended. Justify your answer within 200 words.


Part A
Answer to Q1)

Herein wireless communication assignment, the bit pattern is given 10111010, encode this data into ASK which is Amplitude shift keying, this ASK modulation represents the binary data variations in the form of amplitude signal (Maheshwari 2019). High frequency carrier is present in the ask modulated signal, where the one input value which gives high input value and the zero input value gives low input value. It represents the data in the form of amplitude waveform.

img wireless communication assignment

img wireless communication assignment

FSK is the frequency shift keying modulation, it is known as the digital modulation technique
Where the frequency of the carrier changes depend on the data signals (Wang & Liew, 2019).

img wireless communication assignment

In fsk modulated signal 1s and 0s is the high input binary and low input binary which is known as space and mark frequency.

PSK modulation technique is the phase shift keying modulation, it is used for wireless connection, Bluetooth connection etc (Lopes & Landau, 2020).

img wireless communication assignment

BPSK is known as binary shift keying modulation technique, this technique used balance modulator which is use binary high input and binary low input (Sadinov et al., 2019).

img wireless communication assignment

QPSK is the quadrature phaseshift keying is the variation modulation of the BPSK which sends bits of digital information called bigits (Wang et al., 2020).

img wireless communication assignment

Answer to Q2)
here two sinusoidal waveform has been given and also one equation that is- Asin(2?ft+?), in this two sinusoidal waveform it has been told to find out the value of A, F and ?

xs(t) = A sin(2?f t) = A cos(2?f t ? ?/2) - amplitude A - period T = 1/f - phase: 0

Answer to Q3)
The square kilometer array project is the world’s largest project which gives an effort to build the radio telescope (Bull et al., 2020). It is situated in a collection of area as a square kilometer. This project eventually meets a huge leap both in the field of research & development and in the engineering field and delivering building a unique instrument. It is the largest endeavour in the world history. Here total number of member is 14 and they are the keystone of SKA organizations and about 20 countries are involved in the SKA development and design. The leading engineers and the scientist are working in this system. This system requires supercomputers and network technology to develop a faster data flow within the globe and trying discover a highest broadband speed in 2022. The SKA trying to transforms the science technology and trying to break new ground in the astronomical observations. It has many goals which will be trying to redefine the technology of the space. SKA has a main bulk which has been built between the year of 2018 and late 2020’s, the first pahse of the ska is involving on testing and trying to its full proof concept in a different manner. The phase 1 of the ska that is Australia will be trying to host low instrument frequency that has been created in maximum in the 500 stations, each has 250 antennas, and corporate with the precursor telescope that is MeerKAT. Phase two of the ska will the both sides of the ska and totally complete its operation within late 2020’s till then the ska will have 2000 mid and high both frequency , aperture arrays and also many low antennas frequency. The ska is too first that it is already conducted observations of science technology in the year 2020 by using partial array.The expenditure of SKA project will redefine the design of the project and the estimation which is undergoing the process. The cost will be processed after the completion of installing, manufactures and the operations.

img wireless communication assignment

img wireless communication assignment

The major approaches of the ska to satisfy the radio astronomy goals in a wide array bandwidth that built a radio telescope. This array will form a frequency of 200 mhz to 2000 mhz, this forms a polarimetri information and interferometric images with a wide angular resolution of 1.4 ghz. In this demonstration system a wide range of aperture radiating design has been used which utilize wide bandwidth. Information and the prototypes demonstration are involved.

Part B

ADSL2+ Modem-Router

Cable Modem

ADSL technology is known as asymmetric digital subscriber line which is the family of xDSL modem technologies, and this technology use the telephone lines twisted-pair to transform bandwidth high data (Latal et al.,2019). This adsl technology connect network of service provider and also customer sites over the network loop between the customer site and the service provider.

Cable modem is one of the hardware devices which is connect with the computer and the internet service provider through locally TV cable line (Hu et al., 2020). There are two interfaces that is the outlet of TV cable network and another is computer or set-up box television.


The efficiency of adsl has better efficiency for its four dimensional mandating, one bit quadrature amplitude modulation amplitude modulation and sixteen trellis-coded. Here signal ratio to noise ratio is on which long lines high data rates is provided.


The type of scheme digital modulation which is used by the cable modems for data downstream transmission consist sixty four state quadrature amplitude modulation. In the upstream transmission the common scheme is digital modulation which is known as differential quadrature phase shift keying.


ADSL2+ combines modulation methods 4 x 512 KHz telephone bands to provide a 24 Mbps download rate. Here the upload speed is just 1Mbps. Error rate, throughput, and the noise ratio are also related.


 Cable modems acquires throughput of Mbps. In the highest rate bit encoding of channel has been employed to reduce error of transmission. Various encoding scheme is use to compress data into bits, increase the information rate without increasing bit rate.


Error correction method or error correcting method adds the bits parity data to messages. The receiver then read those bit and determine the error during transmission. The receiver then checks the error.


here the data is breaks into blocks of byte size and sent to the modem and then checks each error of the blocks that results in either negative or positive depending on protocols.


This crosstalk happens when the connection is poor and the design faced issues and all this things shows problematic of ADSL.


Here crosstalk takes place when a pair of cables interferes on another cable that causes errors which prevents transmission of data. This also caused interference between telephone wires.


The four port ADSL modem router provides for internet access, this is a router that provides multiple internet connections and connected between the computer network and devices.


In this cable modem only one LAN port and one service port is available, coaxial port and telephone port has been connected with service line.


DHCP which is dynamic host configuration protocol this setting sets the parameter to assign the modem IP address to devices on the network.


This cable modem act as dynamic host configuration protocol server, this modem assign DNS server, IP addresses, gateway addresses connected with the all computer’s LAN.



The internet of cable modem is superior to the internet service of ADSL 2+. Cable broadband is designed and build from the ground for the high speed extremely, flexibility and stability. Whether the quality of old coppers lines or the quality of telephone exchange it doesn’t matter for the cable internet. It is vulnerable for dropping out, fast download speed allows maximum members to use computers without any interruptions or any slowdowns. Cable internet is more expensive than ADSL2+ which is may be unavailable in some areas. If it is only necessary for browsing net or emails then ADSL is adequate for needs depending on the external lines.

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Hu, J., Zhou, Z., Yang, X., Malone, J., & Williams, J. W. (2020). CableMon: Improving the Reliability of Cable Broadband Networks via Proactive Network Maintenance. In 17th {USENIX} Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation ({NSDI} 20) (pp. 619-632).


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