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Cloud Computing Assignment: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing For Retail Business in Australia


What are the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing For Retail Business in Australia?


It is observed that in a cloud computing paradigm it is important for business organisations and scholars to identify the impact of cloud computing. According to Hameed et al. (2016), multiple research papers have been developed to identify cloud resources that are significant to modern-day users. Therefore, in this cloud computing assignment, I have listed my view regarding my research on the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing on the retail business in Australia. This reflection will help me to evaluate my learning experiences in an extensive manner.

Evaluation of the effectiveness and my usefulness of the learning experience
I have learnt many things from this research work on the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing on the retail business in this country. As the title suggests, I have come to know some key features of cloud computing that play a significant role in developing retail business. Besides this, some pessimistic factors of this cloud computing are also learnt during this research work. I came to know the fundamental factors of cloud computing, such are servers, databases and much more. However, a detailed literature review in this cloud computing assignment has helped me to understand the major advantages of cloud computing such as customisation of price, intensive analysis of business operations and others.

In this context, Liñán & Fayolle (2015) have opined that literature review helps to develop a proper knowledge regarding any area of a particular issue. This statement can be agreed as the literature review has helped me to develop a proper idea regarding the cloud computing and its influence (both positive and negative) on the retail business of this country.

This cloud computing assignment contains a significant value to me as, without this research, my knowledge about the cloud computing will be limited. Therefore, this experience has helped me to get acquainted with this topic. Simultaneously, this cloud computing assignment has also helped me to generate authentic findings from prior research.

Explaining how the learning process will be useful to me
This learning experience has helped me to explore multiple areas of cloud computing significantly. However, this learning process has influenced multiple aspects of my life. In this segment, these influences have been discussed. First of all, this research on the cloud computing is relevant to my university course. Therefore, developing such research on a topic like this has helped me to enhance my conceptual knowledge regarding this topic. This has surely helped me in my program. By developing this research, I have gained a boost of confidence, which I think might play a key role in successful completion of my program.

Meanwhile, an intangible relationship between course, program and future career can be found. As observed by Marcia (2017), confidence is the most vital component that allows an individual to unleash his/ her potential ability. Therefore, information regarding the characteristics and differences of cloud computing in different areas has helped me to excel in this matter. I think that this factor might help me in developing a professional career in information and technology. Henceforth, this knowledge can be applied in my professional domain to remain in a competitive position.

Description of the incidents that took place during the learning process
In order to successfully accomplish this research, I performed an extensive research on the web to develop a basic idea about this cloud computing. After that extensive research on this topic, some literature gaps have been addressed by me, which I have tried to fulfil in this research. On another hand, data taken from authentic sources have helped me to develop research questions that are significant for this research. It is been evidenced that research questions in a research highlight key areas that require proper attention. After developing these research questions, I have developed a proper framework that might play a significant role in enhancing the quality of this research.

Henceforth, the methodological framework is very important to me. I have considered the research onion that Saunders et al. (2009) have claimed as a major framework for academic research. In addition, I have started to frame questions that will be required in the survey of a selected population. However, I have faced financial problems in conducting a face to face interview. Henceforth, primary qualitative data will be collected improperly through a telephonic interview. Furthermore, I have identified multiple cloud computing services such are IaaS, PaaS and Saas. This identification has helped me to advance my research towards a specific direction.

Evaluating the lessons learnt during an observation
In today's world, the importance of cloud computing has been identified in this business research. According to Chang (2015) business organisations are effectively dependent on multiple software and vendors that are playing a critical role in expanding a business. However, during this research, I have observed that major numbers of organisations in this country are irrespective of its size. Because of this, software and IT (Information Technology) requirements of various organisations have been identified in this research. Beside this, I have found that private cloud computing is expensive.

Henceforth, it can be said that distinction between the implementation of costs and services might have played a significant role in reducing validity and reliability of the cloud computing. Beside such facilities, I have found that price of multiple software and vendor services have been fallen drastically. Henceforth, it can be said that increased competition in this business industry has created a massive issue for organisations. I can think that this knowledge might prove as a beneficial option to me as specific knowledge regarding this domain has helped me to develop my learning process regarding this significant matter.

Explanation the lessons learnt during an observation
Prior doing this research, I have an abstract knowledge regarding the cloud computing. This term was unknown to me. Therefore, I think that this research has enhanced my knowledge on this topic. I thought that cloud computing can be used for personal uses. This research has assisted me to understand the application of cloud computing in a broader range. The massive impact of cloud computing on business organisations has been identified by accomplishing this research. In addition, my interest in this matter has been increased significantly. I am now looking after to identify the significance of cloud computing on the business operations on SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises). Apart from this, I have developed the following hypothesis that should be judged properly by performing another research on this same topic:

  • H0: No privacy issues can be found during the application of cloud computing in business operations
  • H1: Cloud computing often leads to occur privacy issues for the users

These developed hypotheses are significant to me as an increase in security concern in modern day world has helped me to identify any business risks that might be seen due to an implication of cloud computing. Therefore, for this reason, I have done two assignments on this topic previously.

Explaining how the learning procedure will be applied
Finally, I can say that this research is directly linked to multiple aspects of my life. For instance, it has helped me to overcome my limitations (slow learning and less analytical skills). After, completion of this research, I can say that my learning and analytical skills have been improved that might help me in near future. It can be said that this knowledge might help me to become aware of the shortcomings of cloud computing. This will play a critical role in establishing my career as an ICT engineer in reputed organisations of this country.

Focusing on this reflection, I can say that previous research on this topic has helped me to develop my theoretical knowledge regarding this cloud computing assignment. On another hand, it can be concluded that this cloud computing assignment has developed my learning and analytical skills in a precise manner, which might help me in my academic and future professional career.

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