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Information Technology Assignment: A Critical Research On Microsoft Dynamics


Task: Do research on Microsoft Dynamics as a product and prepare an information technology assignment addressing the following points.

1. Tell us in a single line, what they do. It shouldn't be their website tagline.
2. List down its 3 most important features. Tell us why you think they are the most important ones in not more than 5 sentences.
3. If you were the product manager in this company, what feature would you build next Please write a PRD/PSD (Product Requirement Document) with user stories for the feature.


The working of Microsoft Dynamics explained in the information technology assignment
Microsoft Dynamics is a Customer Relationship Management Software that is used to store customer information, engage with customers, generation of new leads, manage customer databases and resolve issues of the customer. It is an ERP system used by several organisations to improve process optimisation through enhanced resource functionality and zero downtime. The software is now competing with existing solutions like SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle, offering more flexibility and agility in the organisational processes (Microsoft Dynamics 365, 2021).The different facilities associated with the business organisation that uses Microsoft Dynamics is associated with agility by providing hyper-connected business solutions that offer insights and freedom by connecting with data processes and teams with intelligent business applications. Several applications like Dynamic 365 Customer Service, Field Service provides proactive customer experience (Microsoft Dynamics 365, 2021). The software works as a solution that enhances customer experience through Omnichannel performance and detecting service issues with the use of IoT and preventive maintenance features.

The most essential features of Microsoft Dynamics
The three most essential features of Microsoft Dynamics are:
• Customer services- Improving customer insights and performance by connecting data from multiple sources like third party sources, Office 365 and Dynamic 365, enabling better visibility to consumers (Scardina, 2017). Using Microsoft Power Business Intelligence Platform provides facilities to customers without technical knowledge. Artificial Intelligence identifies consumer behaviours, and the predictive analysis process improves organisational performance by identifying customer demands. It is an essential feature of the software as customer experience enhancement is the most critical criterion of development for organisations to improve their performance. Customers are deciding factors in organisational sales and profit margins. Using business intelligence and AI-enabled services enhances customer experience.
• Marketing- Adobe marketing cloud is connected to Microsoft Dynamics, which offers targeted marketing in selected audiences and marketing management and campaigning tools that facilitates the marketing process (Scardina, 2017). Product marketing is another essential factor in providing adequate information about the available services to potential customers. The marketing process is important, and the use of Adobe cloud offers a platform to integrate the different marketing platforms and proper management of the services. This is also an essential feature that organisations must leverage in order to advertise and market their products properly in front of the target customers.
• Field service- Inventory management, scheduling of resources, contract management is done through connected devices using the Internet of Things that offers a connection for communication used by customers (Scardina, 2017). The supply chain inventory is an important area for business, and using IoT in inventory can reduce the workload from employees. Effective use of resources can be ensured when technological innovation and IoT is used that provides agility and flexibility in organisational operations. Connectivity among the several sectors of the business improves performance by identifying the requirements and proper replenishment of stocks in the due course of time.

Product Requirement Document
A product requirement is essential for prioritisation against each stakeholders' rankings (Haider et al. 2019). The additional feature that can be developed is improvising the user’s dashboard in the application tool for the Microsoft Dynamics software. A new dashboard design will have an integrated view of all the applications on a single page that makes it hassle-free. Different links for sales dashboard, inventory, field services, human resources management must be provided on the home page that enhances visibility.

Customer persona and user stories
Business organisations are looking for an integrated view where proper connectivity between the different features installed in their system can enhance the facilities.
User story 1: Better features in App to integrate the different services offered by Dynamics As a manager working in retail business services, I want the software to provide better visibility and compactness with the dashboard.
Acceptance criteria: I will be satisfied when the dashboard will provide every detail at a glance about the present organisational status with respect to its services, processes and resources.

User Story 2: Optimisation of processes and services offered
As a web analyst, software must integrate the services and the activities listed in a single layout for the customer dashboard.
Acceptance criteria: Separate links for all the features provided in the dashboard where any link can be accessed for details.
Features: The feature includes a design approach for the Microsoft Dynamics application where a new and more agile development practice is followed in the dashboard design of the system. All the links for each of the features like retail, human resources, inventory management, IoT connectivity for customer experience enhancement are provided in a single platform to look at a glance.

KPIs, Quality control guidelines: KPI will include the amount of increase in sales of the product among several business organisations. Also, statisticalanalysis through a market survey about its growing popularity over other similar products like SAP andSalesforce. Quality control guidelines include faster access to features, reducing the time for getting the services. Higher value tasks like optimisation of resources utilisation must be favoured.

Haider, W., Hafeez, Y., Ali, S., Abbas, A., Rafi, M.N. and Salam, A., 2019. Improving Requirement Prioritisation process in Product line using Artificial Intelligence technique. Information technology assignmentKIET Journal of Computing and Information Sciences, 2(2), pp.12-12.
Microsoft Dynamics 365. (2021). What is Dynamics 365 | Retrieved 9 November 2021, from
Scardina, J. (2017). What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Definition from Retrieved 9 November 2021, from


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