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IT Management Assignment: Can Graduates of BSc (Hons) Computer-Networking Course Accomplish Employability at Apple?


Task: Coursework Brief:
As a consultant to a major organisation which may employ IT graduates, with large investments in technology, you have been asked to investigate and write a report for the Director of Human Resources Department. The company needs to know whether graduates from your course [whichever that maybe] would be suitable candidates to join their Graduate scheme and support their future business goals.

Write your report on IT management assignment explaining what the abilities of Graduates from your course will be. Your report should critically argue, based on your understanding of the company’s business needs, whether they should or should not target Wolverhampton Graduates for recruitment.

Your conclusion should advise them about the best course of action to take.


In this global competitive era, the complexities surrounding recruitment and selection have become highly aggressive for organisations to attract and recruit potential candidates. On the other hand, it is stated in this IT management assignment that graduates or potential candidates have become highly cautious about the firms they intend to work with in terms of the working environment and growth opportunities. As a consultant to the major organisation, Apple Inc. which employs IT graduates and invests heavily in technology, the skills, and abilities required by the organisation can be well accomplished by recruiting Wolverhampton Graduates as it directly aligns with the company’s business needs.Based on such context, in this report, a detailed analysis of the skills and abilities of graduates from the BSc (Hons) Computer-Networking course has been highlighted along with the significance of recruiting from Wolverhampton University to meet Apple’s business needs by joining their Graduate scheme and to support their future business goals has been further indicated in this report.

Skills and abilities of graduates from the course
The BSc (Hons) Computer-Networking is a full-time course for undergraduates that examines the computer and networking technology that offer the data links for information, social network, enterprise, and business that everyone has become reliant upon regularly. This course enhances knowledge and experience of real-life networking equipment and focuses on countermeasures to secure networks and eliminate threats, (, 2021). On the other hand, the course will offer undergraduates the scope for developing knowledge about both wireless and wired networks while developing a strong foundation of computing which is highly credible in this present technologically-advanced era. In addition, this course has further increased potential skills among undergraduates in terms of problem solving, management as well as analysis and design based on technologically engaging subjects. Other than that, the aim of this course is to produce skilled graduates who can positively contribute to the globally networked community.

It has been well stated by Tien (2019), academic skills and team-based learning has become essential for every graduate to excel in their carrier and accomplish future growth prospects. Likewise, this BSc (Hons) Computer-Networking course has the potential to expand the academic, team-based learning and employability skills of undergraduates which has further increased their awareness level required for graduate employment selection. Also, computing graduates with a network’s specialism have different career opportunities in terms of internally and nationally within the field of network design, maintenance, and construction while creating a strong demand for these IT graduates with network security skills. With regards to such context, the following are the skills and abilities of every graduate who has undertaken the BSc (Hons) Computer-Networking course at the University of Wolverhampton which has the potential to comply with skills and attributes required for Apple’s graduate schemes and programs.

  • Increases academic, communication, team-based learning, and employability skills of undergraduates for enhancing graduates’ scope for employment selection, (Meissner and Shmatko, 2019);
  • Increases power of mathematical reasoning, acquire practical skills of programming in Python, nourishes precision-thinking and problem solving as well as builds significant concepts in computational mathematics;
  • Increases in-depth understanding of the fundamental computing concepts for enabling graduates to use these concepts in their chosen field of work efficiently and effectively.
  • In addition, the graduates are further enlightened with modern software applications in terms of building and structuring while integrating both hardware and software concepts.
  • The fundamental principles of programming languages are well put forward to the graduates so that they are able to write programs in different languages.
  • As suggested by Sousa and Rocha (2019), virtualization has become the vital key for businesses to build more IT efficient and flexible systems and servers. Likewise, this course has further developed server management and virtualization skills within the graduates which have resulted in the achievement of valuable experience and skills needed in the IT industry.

Company’s business needs
As indicated by (2021), the organisation offers opportunities for undergraduates and postgraduate students while they are in education. The internship programs or placement during the academic year on critical projects of Apple is significant to attract potential and skilled undergraduate students. On the other hand, the organisation also offers opportunities for graduates in varying roles and looks for great minds in the intersection of technology and liberal arts. The major company’s business need is ‘Be an innovator, not a spectator’. In addition, Apple’s software, hardware, and services work collaboratively to give employees the flexibility and power to do whatever needs doing. As opined by Tien (2019), Apple’s primitive focus are its customers, government markets, small and mid-sized businesses, enterprises, and education who are highly inclined towards innovation and technology. Likewise, the following are the core attributes and needs of the company that it looks within candidates.

  • Ability to make decisions at a faster rate while encompassing excellent prioritization skills, (Trivedi, 2019);
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to work in teams by highlighting shared accountability and responsibility with other members of the team;
  • Flexibility in terms of work schedule as the work hours are highly based on business needs, (Heinet al. 2019);
  • Ability to attain and share technical knowledge;
  • Continuous focus on innovation and creativity by using computational and problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to maintain composure while troubleshooting and solving technical issues.
Based on the above-mentioned skills and attributes that the company Apple looks for within prospective candidates, these attributes are highly based on its business needs that focus on innovationand creativity while fulfilling the needs and demands of customers. In addition, Apple looks for people who have the ability to identify problems, provide feedback and solve technical issues quickly for ensuring that their customer service stays current and relevant, (Fulleret al. 2019).

Aligning company’s business needs with Wolverhampton Graduates for recruitment
As Apple is one of tech-giant that specialises in consumer electronics, online services, and computer hardware, it has assisted the company to accomplish the top helm position in the IT field with revenue of $274.5 billion as accounted in the business year 2020, (, 2021). This means that acquiring jobs or graduates’ scheme at this companyrequires effective aligning of the company’s business needs with prospective graduates’ skills and attributes for maintaining its dominant position and success in the global marketplace. In terms of ability to make decisions at a faster rate while encompassing excellent prioritization skills; the graduates of Wolverhamptonwho have undertaken the BSc (Hons) Computer-Networking course are highly equipped with academic, team-based learning and employability skills which makes them capable of faster decision making and prioritization skills, (Komalavalli and Laroiya, 2019). On the other hand, excellent written and verbal communication skills are highly fostered among the graduates as both theoretical and practical knowledge are well put forwarded in this course.

Other than that, the ability to work in teams by highlighting shared accountability and responsibility with other members of the team can be highly fulfilled by the computer-networking graduates as along with technical skills, the graduates are highly engaged with soft skills such as communication, leadership, and presentation skills in terms of both sole and team-based tasks. Likewise, flexibility in terms of work schedule as the work hours are highly based on business needs can be also fulfilled as the graduates are provided with mathematical reasoning and practical skills which increases precision thinking and problem-solving attributes that make them accommodating and increase their adaptability level. Furthermore, the ability to attain and share technical knowledge is highly aligned with the fundamental computing concepts and server management and virtualization skills which is highly essential for the company to accomplish itsbusiness needs. In addition, it also aligns with the innovation and creativity business needs of the company as these graduates are highly qualified in using their hardware and software concepts, (Naiman, 2019). Lastly, in terms of the ability to maintain composure while troubleshooting and solving technical issues, these attributes can be well fulfilled by the graduates as well because they are highly aware and has the knowledge of fundamental programming languages and concepts which are required to work efficiently and effectively in the company.

Hence, this BSc (Hons) Computer-Networking course has the potential to increase the skills and attributes of graduates within the field of network design, maintenance, and construction which highly aligns with the business needs of Apple and is expected to bring growth and success in the forthcoming years for both the company and the graduates.

In conclusion, it can be stated that Apple with a large investment in technology can employ the IT graduates of Wolverhampton for recruitment in terms of their Graduate scheme or program. In addition, the skills and attributes of the graduates who have undertaken the BSc (Hons) Computer-Networking course can support Apple’s futurebusiness goals and needs which are highly based on innovation and customer-centric. Hence, it is recommended to the Director of Human Resources Department of Apple Inc. to target Wolverhampton Graduates for recruitment.

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