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Markeation Park Operations Management Assignment


Task: You will produce an Individual Management Report for the Managers of Markeaton Park about certain key operational aspects of the park and project. Your focus must be on providing knowledge about the current operations of the park and suggestions to improve some of these. In particular, Section 1 (see below) is designed for you to provide the Managers of the park with knowledge about how the park currently operates and its analysis. On the other hand, in Section 2 you will provide suggestions regarding how various aspects of the park can be improved and to what outcome. Your analysis and plans need to be underpinned by relevant ‘operations theory’ to support your arguments.

1.As an initial step, you are required to investigate and discuss various operational aspects of Markeaton Park. To do this, you will:

a) Identify and discuss what you may consider the most important:

  • Inputs (including the transforming and transformed resources),
  • Transformational operation/process,
  • Outputs (pure products, a mixture of products and services, pure services) of the park’s operations

b) Conduct the value chain analysis and define the importance/impact of different stakeholders.

c) Identify and briefly discuss the effectiveness of the capacity planning strategy that you consider Managers of the Markeaton Park may be following

d) Identify and briefly discuss the effectiveness of the Markeaton Park layout.

2. You are required to make recommendations to improve the operations of Mundy Play Centre, Craft Village, and Markeaton Park. These recommendations could include, but are not limited to, improvements and addition of facilities, activities, and attractions. Your proposals must generate positive income for the Park. (Do not spend time writing about the things that are being done. Explore new attraction and approaches, which are not covered in their existing plans.) Your recommendations should also address the challenges mentioned in the case study description.

3.Professional presentation and format – appropriate academic citations, references, etc.

4.Provide a 250 words description about your Skills Development during this module and specifically by undertaking the Course Work 2.


The phenomena of operations management explored in the segments of operations management assignment is regarded as the business administrative practices for creating a higher level of efficiency within the organisation. The Operations management assignment examines the words of Hitt et al., (2016, p. 82) that operations management is associated with transforming labour and materials into products and services which efficiency for maximizing the profitability for the organisation. The team of operation management provides immense efforts to balance costs with revenue for the achievement of greater need for operating profit. Operations management can handle different strategic issues, identification of the project management methods, the layout of the manufacturing plants and the implementation of the IT network structure. In the present Operations management assignment, an evaluation of the operations functions of Markeaton Park has been accomplished. The evaluation incorporates identification and discussion of the effectiveness of different important aspects, value chain, capacity planning strategy and outlet of the park. Moreover, on the basis of valid operations theory, recommendations for improving facilities activities and attractions of the park, has been enlisted, targeting the concerned authorities.

1. Investigation and discussion of various operational aspects of Markeaton Park in the context of Operations management assignment
In Derby, Markeaton Park which also includes Mundy Play Centre is regarded as the most visited and most used park ( 2020). Apart from that, the park is also considered as the most popular destination in the East Midlands area. In recent times the park is facing a number of challenges in relation to its operations management and therefore, it is important to study the existing operations management aspects while preparing this operations management assignment.

a. Identification and discussion of the most important aspects
In the process of the operations management, a number of inputs are required in order to provide added value to the customers in the form of output through the transformation of inputs into output. In the opinion of Bromiley and Rau, (2016, p. 98) the major inputs in the operation management are the facilities, equipment, materials, capital, suppliers, employees, time, and knowledge. In the operation management of Markeaton Park, the major imports are identified to be the capital, employees, knowledge, time, equipment, and materials.

Transformational operations
According to Ivanov et al., (2017), it is stated herein operations management assignment that the process of transformation can be regarded as an activity that utilizes one or more inputs and transforms by adding value to the inputs so that customers can be benefited. In organisations, different elements are present in transformation systems such as storage, inspections, transportations, and alterations. It has been identified that different environmental factors such as regulations, competitors, technology, customers, competitors and suppliers influence transformational operations in businesses. In the concerned organisation, the different transformational activities that are carried out in operations management are the management of the layout, capacity management, event management and planning, maintaining smooth flow, maintenance of grounds and facilities, ensuring the seasonality factor of activities, and ensuring effective occupation of craft village space ( 2020).

The different key events of the concerned organisation Markeaton Park examined in the operations management assignment can be regarded as the output of the operations management. The cinema program and theatre are pure service output of the operation management in the park. On the other hand, the rose garden park area is adopted by an organisation Making Spaces is a mixture of product and service output of the park's operation ( 2020). Furthermore, the park also provides health and social care services and thereby it is a pure service output for the customers on the basis of the operation of the park. Apart from that, there are different types of pure services output such as craft village, Mundy Play centre, park walks, gardens, football, cricket, tennis and other events that add value for the customers. The different types of product offerings such as food and drinks can be regarded as pure product output of the operations of the Markeaton Park.

b. The value chain analysis and the importance/impact of different stakeholders

In the opinion of Thomé et al., (2016, p. 412), the value chain analysis can be regarded as a strategic tool for analyzing the internal activities of a particular organization chosen to develop this operations management assignment. Moreover, the goal of the value chain analysis is to identify the most valuable activities in an organization that are more likely to serve as the source of differentiation, cost or competitive advantage. The value chain analysis of Markeaton Park can be conducted with the help of Porter’s value chain analysis framework.

Porter’s value chain analysis framework
According to Babbar et al., (2020, p. 353), the internal activities of an organization include some primary activities and some support activities. In relation to Markeaton Park, among the primary activities, the major activities are the operations, inbound and outbound logistics, marketing and sales and services. The inbound logistics helps the Park authority to receive, differentiate and distribute different types of inputs such as the technologies, employees, knowledge, time, equipment, capital, materials and facilities among different internal operations. It has been evidenced that the organization faces challenges due to the limited funds or capital which also limits its operations. In the operations activities, the major transformation functions are carried out by the park authorities. The park authorities allocate adequate resources or inputs to different functions for supporting the process of transformation.

In the outbound logistics considered in this operations management assignment, different types of services such as healthcare support services, events and food and drinks are provided to the customers. The outbound logistics highly depends on the efficiency of the customers in the case of the Markeaton Park. In the view of Lu et al., (2018, p. 57) in the marketing and sales operations, businesses persuade the customers to buy products or services from them. In the case of the concerned park, it has been identified that there is a lack of budget that has restricted the marketing functions of the park’s businesses. Hence, the visibility of the events organized by the park is decreasing. The final primary activity of the Markeaton Park is the service. However, it has been identified that the attractions toward the park are decreasing in recent times. Moreover, the accessibility to the park has also become more difficult due to the constructions in A38. Due to the project, there is a likely negative impact on the popularity of the Craft Village. In addition to the primary activities, it is noted herein operations management assignment the different types of support activities that help in the commencement of the primary activities in the Markeaton Park are the technological development in different businesses, development of infrastructure for the improvement of the Park Layout, management of the human resource for improving the service delivery, and purchasing different equipment necessary in the service delivery and park maintenance.

c. Identification and discussion of the effectiveness of the capacity planning strategy
The present operations management assignment analyses the readings of Ketokivi and McIntosh, (2017, p. 6), Capacity planning can be regarded as the procedure that is used by organizations for determining the specific resources that it can utilize and acquire for meeting the demand of the services and products. The increased capacity of a business organization enhances its output in the form of products and services (Fisher et al., 2020). In the case of the concerned Markeaton Park, it is identified that the park authority is encountering some current as well as upcoming challenges. The major problem that the organization is currently facing is the inability to enhance the numbers of visitors in the park throughout the year. Moreover, low income is another major problem for the organization that is likely to limit various functions such as the maintenance of the grounds and facilities, focusing on marketing aspects. Apart from that, due to the low revenue generated from the Park’s businesses, the protection and improvement of the natural and historic fabrics inside the park have also become difficult; therefore, the organization needs strong capacity planning (Ballantyne et al., 2018, p. 73).

On the basis of the challenges faced by the Park, it can be stated in this section of operations management assignment that there is a lack of efficiency in the current capacity planning strategy. Management of the capacity has been identified to be one of the transformational activities in the operations management of the Markeaton Park. In order to increase the capacity of the park, a successful bid has been submitted to the Heritage Lottery fund by the Council under the Parks for People Programme. The project cost around £3.4 million and the money was spent on improving different aspects of the park. The capacity planning strategy of the organisation is to obtain funding resources for making improvements in the parks management infrastructure and maintenance. The Park has identified three important sources of revenue generation that are the craft village rents, car parking, and income from the pay and use facilities in the Mundy Play Centre.

d. Identification and discussion of the effectiveness of the Markeaton Park layout in the context of operations management assignment
The layout of the park includes different core elements such as the Mundy Play Centre, craft village, the Main Park, other buildings and infrastructure (DerCity Council, 2020). The Mundy Playcentre is decorated and equipped with a Car track, Donkey Rides, Bouncy Castle, Mini Golf, Canoes, BMX & Skate Park and Paddling pool. The Mundy Play Centre is also recognized as the largest Play Centre in Derby. The different activities and services are available fully during the weekends. The location of the Mundy Play Centre is very close to two pedestrian entrances and a car parking entrance. Moreover, the parking for the disabled persons is also close to the play centre which enhances its accessibility to the visitors. Another vital attraction of the park that is the Craft Village is also situated centrally in the park. Craft village in infrastructure as a complex of buildings located in the old stables. Apart from that, an Orangery is centred on a central courtyard (DerCity Council, 2020). The craft Village is also positioned in such a manner so that it can be highly accessible to the visitors. However, the Park is likely to face difficulties due to the A38 road construction project that is likely to block one of the entrances to the park and thereby limiting access to the Craft Village. Mainly the accessibility to the craft village through the lakeside walk can be greatly impacted by the issue. There are different types of opportunities like fishing, picnics, dog walking, cycling, walking and relaxing that are provided to the visitors of Markeaton Park. Therefore, considering the information provided in the operations management assignment, it can be stated that the Layout of the park is much effective but due to a number of external factors, it is likely that in the future the accessibility of the people to different facilities of the park can be challenged.

Operations management assignment

Fig 1: Layout of the park
(Source: 2020)

2. Can you provide recommendations to improve the operations of Mundy Play Centre, Craft Village, and Markeaton Park in this operations management assignment?
In the view of Glock et al., (2019, p. 425) for improving the revenue generation and profitability it is important to focus on operational management in an effective way. From the analysis of the operational aspects of the Markeaton Park presented in the operations management assignment, it has been experienced that the park authority is facing a number of challenges and also likely to face more problems in the upcoming years due to the decreased attractiveness of the events, layout and the ineffective marketing functions. Therefore, it is immensely important for the park to concentrate on the improvement of the facilities, activities and attractions.

Conducting a survey on the visitors
In the opinion of Nair and Reed?Tsochas (2019, p. 88) reflected in the present context of operations management assignment, it is important to analyse the feedback of the customers to have an idea regarding the preferences of the customers about the products and services offered. It has been identified that the Markeaton Park has a poor understanding of the ability of the current attractions and facilities to the visitors. The major goal of the park is to attract customers of all ages. Moreover, it has been also identified that the age groups that are mainly attracted to the activities in the Markeaton are above the age of 25 years. Therefore, the park fails to attract kids. However, it can conduct a survey among visitors to identify the activities and facilities that can attract greater customer support. On the basis of the theory of the consumer decision-making process studies herein operations management assignment, post-purchase behaviour or satisfaction is one of the major elements for the business as by analysing the post-purchase behaviour the organizations can have an idea regarding the approaches that can help in improving the services (Ballantyne et al., 2018, p.73). In the present case, this theory can be applied to improve the Markeaton Park’s operation management.

Celebrity involvement in events
It is evident in the operations management assignment that celebrity involvement in events is one of the major attractions to different age groups (Moraes et al., 2019, p. 1168). The concerned organisations within Markeaton Park organise a number of events that are much popular to a specific age group. However, the organisations are aiming to attract people from all ages. Therefore, involvement of celebrities from different fields such as sports, music, dance, and other areas can be done in respective events and facilities for attracting both visitors to the park in the upcoming days. For example in different sport activities such as cricket, tennis, golf, and swimming the park authority can contact respective sports stars so that more visitors who prefer sports events and activities inside the park can be attracted. The theory of lean operations management can be explained in order to support this particular recommendation of celebrity involvement. The theory of lean operations management states that organisations must focus to meet the requirements of the clients and ensure that little details must not be overlooked (Puche et al., 2016, p. 427). The basic needs of clients can further be identified on the basis of Maslow's theory of needs. As attraction toward the celebrity is a common trend of people in Derby, with the lean operation management approach the park can benefit greater revenue by celebrity involvement.

 Increased focus on digital marketing
Marketing is an indispensable function of any organisation for improving the visibility of the products and services in front of the customers. In the concerned park, it is important to enhance the visibility of the product and services offered to visitors for the enhancement of profitability and revenue. However, the arguments raised on the operations management assignment signifies that the limited financial resources of the park are the major constraint that prevents the organisation from effective marketing. It has been identified that in recent times more and more people are engaging with internet services. Moreover, the cost of digital marketing has decreased in recent years (Pandey, 2020). It is evident that the cost of marketing through social media platforms is very less as compared to the other traditional marketing approaches. Therefore, the use of digital marketing with the help of social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube is highly recommended for Markeaton Park. This particular recommendation can be also supported on the basis of the Theory of Constraints in relation to operations management. The theory of constraints states that any manageable system is limited to achieve its goals due to a small number of constraints (Schonberger, 2019, p. 6). On the basis of a particular constraint, a focusing process can be applied for restructuring the list of the organisation around the constraint. In this particular case of operations management assignment, the limited financial resource is the major constraint and on the basis of this particular constraint, the organisation is likely to focus its marketing process through investing in digital marketing approaches.

Guiding visitors regarding the alternative activities and attractions
The theory of performance frontiers can be explained in order to discuss the effectiveness of the approach to guide visitors regarding the alternative resources as well as the layout of the park and the location of different attractions within the park. The theory of performance frontiers describes that operating frontiers of an organisation relate to specific and unique resources that are highly valuable for the company. In the view of Naveh and Lei (2019, p. 368), the operating frontiers are valuable, rare and specific to organizations and are also much difficult to be imitated. In the case of Markeaton Park explored in the parts of operations management assignment, it can be explained that the knowledge and experience of the labour or employees can be regarded as operating frontiers of the organization. The employees of the park can be trained to guide the visitors regarding the changes in the entrance and to explain them regarding the distribution of the different attractive activities across the park. Such an important step would enhance the accessibility of the visitors to different activities, events and attractions inside the park and stimulate the profitability of the park. Moreover, the park can also face an elevation in the level of customer satisfaction due to increased customer relationship management.

Recruitment of horticulture experts for improving horticulture standards and features
The organisation examined in the operations management assignment can be recommended to recruit horticulture experts to improve the horticulture standards and features inside the park. With the recruitment of talented and experienced employees in horticulture the organisation can take the approach to manage the natural areas and landscapes within the park. In the view of Wang et al., (2019, p. 542), the enhanced landscape and view of a park can attract more visitors. Moreover, the organisations can also organise events or open shops for the cells of horticultural products such as seeds, saplings, plants, herbicides, and fertilizers to the visitors who are more attracted to horticulture. Such a unique approach of the park would increase the view as well as promote more environmentally friendly visitors to the park. From the opening of new horticultural stores and events the park is likely to gain greater revenue and increased profitability. Moreover, on the basis of the new approach of the park can gain greater competitive advantage in the market.

From the above study, it has been identified that operations management is an important function of every business organization and includes important inputs transformation processes and outputs. The value chain analysis of Markeaton Park has enabled us to identify the different challenges in various primary and support services. On the other hand, from the analysis of the capacity planning of the park, it has been identified that generation of funding sources is important for the improvement of the park’s management, improvements and maintenance services. The layout of the path is not effective in enhancing the accessibility to the visitors for the different activities and events inside the park. However as the organisation is facing a number of difficulties from A38 and decreased financial resources the organisation has been recommended to focus on digital marketing, celebrity endorsement, horticultural events, and customer relationship management.

Description of Skills Development
From the commencement of the above conducted study build on this operations management assignment I have gained a number of skills. The first skill that has been developed from the above conducted study within this operations management assignment is theacademic writing skill.It has been identified that an effective academic writing skill is very important to write any assignment or report in the professional career. During the process of writing I have gained an idea regarding plagiarism and put greater efforts to avoid plagiarism. Critical thinking skill is another important skill that happened developed by conducting this particular study. In gaining this particular skill, the understanding regarding the link between different ideas by conducting the study in the course work one I have developed the skill to build an appraise different arguments. On the other hand, in the course works two the systematic and consistent way to approach different problems has been understood. Conflict management and problem solving skill is another important skill that has been strengthened with the participation in the above conducted study. In the above conducted study, a number of problems that are faced by the concerned organisation have been identified and they have been approached in a number of unique ways for the mitigation of the challenges. The research skill that enables individuals to conduct research regarding a particular topic is another skill that has been gained from the present study. In the present study on operations management assignment, research on different aspects of operation management of the concerned organisation has been done which has helped in developing the specific skill.

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