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Artificial Nanoparticle Blood-Instant Oxygen Boost Report


Prepare a basic business modelfor Artificial Nanoparticle Blood – Instant Oxygen Boost


Introduction: The report highlights about the Artificial Nanoparticle Blood-Instant Oxygen Boost with manipulating the haemoglobin oxygenation using the nanoparticles with the way for rational designing of the haemoglobin-based oxygen carriers. The adoption process includes retaining of the oxygenation properties of the human adult hemoglobin and the sickle cell hemoglobin which is associated to the increase of oxygen affinity. The research focus on the high affinity for the nanoparticles leading to the adsorption of the hemoglobin tetramers on the surface (Andocs et al., 2015). The development of bio-nanotechnology paves the way for the designing of the blog substitutes with the interaction between the nanoparticles and the haemoglobin at the molecular scale level with the effect on the properties defined for the oxygenation process which are finely controlled.

Value Proposition and Customer Segment: The customer segment is based on understanding the requirement of the patients with the complications which could be divided into the non-infectious and the infectious concerns. From this study, all users, such as interested parties, investors, users, analysts, reviewers and suppliers, use different users in different ways. The number of ideas and plans for improving the report of the auditors are linked with stakeholders. They identify ideas and plans that can be significantly different from those of auditors and increase control over financial statements (Gy et al., 2015). Analysts have benefited from their work to predict future revenue, which is normal for all users, which usually explains that it includes not only analysts but also other users, especially users participating in the evaluation. Accounting analysis is a normal account, as it is on the balance sheet, a real account, which annually increases its income. Considering the interaction between the nanoparticles and the haemoglobin at a molecular level and the effect on the oxygenation properties help in controlling the remarkable retaining of the properties of human adult and sickle cell haemoglobin. Thus, without proper accounting analysis, these real accounts are likely to be balances that should have been eliminated over a period of time. An accounting analysis of nominal accounts consisting of a profit and loss account can be organized. Accounting analysis is linked to financial statements that determine the organization's ability to regain its responsibility to the recipient and other third party, and also help the organization's ability to increase revenue (Jamshidi t al, 2015). For proper data analysis, you need to focus on understanding configuration patterns with financial data that are identified to work with different data partition forms. Here, the company should focus on obtaining the advantages of creditors or investors for obtaining various necessary assets.

Key Partners / Stakeholders: Therefore, the analysis of the business strategy recognizes the financial position of the Organization with respect to its competition in the financial statements.

The company has many users of financial statements, since the financial statements meet all the needs of users (Zeng et al., 2016). The artificial blood is highlighted with the emergence of HIV which is mainly due to the problem of the transfusion of the blood that tends to impose the higher costs at the time of detection tests. The lower blood supplies are mainly used in developing countries. The Nanocapsules bearing the membrane made of ultrathin polyethylene glycol acid contains the enzymes, where the study is about the increase in the half-life of the product due to the reduction of phagocytosis. There is a need to handle the different macroscopic selection which is determined by the attempt to create good open access review that is for creating nanoparticles and cell like entities that can usefully be able to augment the principal activities of the red blood cells. The challenges are related to the evolvement of the capacity of the blood and the oxygen transport system (Hafsi et al., 2017).

Here, the conducting of the oxygen bearing nanoparticle of some form includes the mass production of cells or the cell-like entities. Some users of financial reports created by the company are:

  • Investors: investors need to know the financial data precisely, as investors are owners of the company and must know the work of financial funds (Kiransan et al., 2015).
  • Management: The management of the company must calculate the company's profit and cash flows on a monthly basis so that they can obtain the company's functional and financial results.
  • Creditors: Lenders are curious as to the minimum institution, and to the cash flow. They can be given loans to the company. Those companies that cannot repay loans increase the creditor's risk.
  • Owners: As a rule, owners are the most important users and are interested in financial reporting, but not only owners are interested in profit, but they are interested in a fund in which they must receive a specific income and can do it. Defined in the income statement. Owners want to know how much capital the company has exhausted so that they can receive revenue from sales (Ghaedi et al., 2015).

Key Activities and Resources : The main source of information from financial analysis is the company's financial position. The financial researcher needs this data to be relevant. It is linked to financial reporting, as it determines the planning and operational efficiency of the company and coordinates the evaluation of the organization's competitive work (Dzamukova et al., 2015). Financial analysis also helps establish key indicators to determine and standardize the company's performance. We will also consider the impact on methodological tools for the analysis of financial data. Financial analysis is carried out using a balance sheet and is primarily able to record changes and assist in the analysis of various liabilities and capital. Financial characteristics are determined by double accounting and the use of generally accepted accounting principles. Here, deliveries depend on liabilities with monetary obligations, and then engage in the transfer of other assets to provide efficient services. Commitments depend on an important requirement to match the various assets of the company. For long-term employers, the share capital and net assets are combined, which are determined for management and participation in the share capital. Work to retain profits represented by the amount of profit in the company, with reinvestment in the business. These templates are based on payment actions to the owners of the company, where the parties involved and profits also control the state of retained earnings. The application is determined by the dividend activity paid by the shareholders, which may coincide with the offer of the amount of money.

Customer Relationships and Channels: The main problem is to focus on the knowledge and the different boundaries of origin established in CRM. The situation is considered to be in conflict with the situation and is considered important. Social philosophers believe in the subject in which they are usually sought by people and other people who consider themselves different from the natural sciences. The life styles in the real world are based on observations that are observed by human interest. Here, divers prepare for different situations, and specific reasons help to determine the general understanding of the public by a particular study. His research focuses on corporate governance, which establishes a positive approach to the search for cause-effect relationships that define system standards, goals, and hypothesis tests. It is important to evaluate the nanoparticles based on the engineering to carry out more oxygen and then reach the tissues in the body. Here, the therapy is depending upon the damages and how the best oxygen carrying nanoparticles be considered as safe for the long-term duration.

Cost Structure and Revenue Stream: The limitations of the financial statements include the dependency on the historical costs where the different transactions are reviewed of the balance sheet and the values of the assets and liabilities. They tend to change with the marketable securities that are altered mainly to match with the changes in the marketing values. There are concern about the product, services, customer and the division to handle the intangible assets which are not recorded. The policy is to handle the business value and work on the specific time period approach.

The user of the financial statements can lead to incorrect view of the financial results where the cash flow of the business is through looking at one of the reporting period effectively. The subject to fraud activities with the management team working over the skew results could lead to the situation related to undue pressure to the other excellent results with the bonus plan for the pay-outs. There has been no discussion on the non-financial issues which relates to managing the company operations and then working over the system standards with non-verification procedures that are related to measurement of policies, practices and controls of the issuer. The information needs to be set with the financial statement that provides the forms related to the system processing and the different variable costs which needs to be addressed effectively.

Revenue Streams – These are the sources of revenue. Here you need to highlight revenue source the project can be:

  • Insufficient information: For the most part, the financial statements are taken into account for the reporting period. Because of this, there is considerable potential for detecting inadequate information. Thus, the exact financial position and exact capacity of the organization's funds can be identified when the business is closed.
  • Unlimited information: The principles of accounting, procedures and conferences are used to prepare financial statements. Participation in recruitment is also used for training. These results directly relate to the accuracy that is included in the financial statements.
  • The quality of information is neglected: Quantitative data are included only in financial reports and are called financial conditions, but quality facts, such as manager efficiency, business generosity, employee-owner relationship, employee's ability and happiness are completely ignored and not called financial terms. Therefore, these qualities are necessary in order to take a true financial situation and achieve business results.
  • Incorrect disclosure of financial position: Various components, such as commercial, state and public finance, will affect the company's financial position, but only the financial element is a factor in financial reporting. Commercial and general components are not reflected in the financial statements. This type of standard procedure leads to the disclosure of the financial position of the company.
  • Financial statements are not specific: Financial reporting is not identified, because many accounting procedures are available to many associations, and accounting rules and rules are different, and the company's business ability is differentiated from one to another. Therefore, financial companies cannot distinguish themselves.
  • The actual profit is not disclosed in the income statement: Operating and non-operating expenses are recognized in the income statement. The assessment is reported only, but not on actual costs. Then there is a high probability not to disclose the real profit at the expense of profit and loss.

Conclusion: The company's interest lies in improving the management of financial information, aimed primarily at attracting people and inventors with an interest rate debt. There have been other attractions for the haemoglobin-based oxygen carriers which include the interaction between the Nano particles and the haemoglobin at a particular level. The use of the nanoparticles is mainly to manipulate the structural particles with the release of free Hb in the bloodstream.

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